Thursday, April 20, 2017

DP suspends Nambooze for 90 days - #Uganda

DP has been a predominantly Buganda party and it makes no sense that they chose an Anyanya to be their president.  Norbert Mao suspends Hon. Betty Nambooze.  Just when you think you have seen it all this Acholi shows up and stabs you in the ribs.
How many of you Baganda remember Mao (not Hon and never) returning from sijui Malaria or Pneumonia or bad belly ache from Nairobi and he went on a tirade trashing Hon. Lord Mayor Lukwago? Then he was all over media trashing our beloved President Dr. Kizza Besigye?  That was in 2015.  Norbert used words that I am now rather proficient at and hit at opposition day in and day out.
This man could not even vote for himself but supposedly he has a Diploma from LDC and did not bother to read the regulations.
This year this man also attacked FDC and claimed that he preferred to vote for NRM for EALA.  You then have to wonder who he is in bed with.  It does not matter that his mother was a Munyankole.  Actually maybe this matters.  Mao has been nothing but a stumbling block for opposition.  You think it is just DP but when a Harvard trained professional like him takes on the real intellectuals, you need to believe that President Yoweri Museveni was right when he said that this term will be #KisanjaHakunaOpposition.
Baganda were all over social media complaining about Mengo demolishing a Love Beach.  Do they know what just happened?
Mao only appears for 5 seconds in A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE.  His people were killed.  Hundreds upon hundreds and if he were to insist and demand for forensic experts to show up, the world would learn that over a million were killed in Gulu / Acholi.  I think he is an Acholi too.  He never fought for his people.  Not once except for PHOTO OPs.  You try that shit on Bugisu and you will eat a monkey and get ebola.  People like Mao are a nuisance.  When you cannot stand up when your people are being killed you have no moral authority to suspend a great person like our beloved Hon. Betty Nambooze.
Was Nambooze suspended because she speaks up loud and clear about the regime and injustice to Ugandans?  I dare Mengo to come out and now defend their own.  WAIT, they still did not fight for the poor kids in the Kayunga riots.  Neither did they protest against the tombs being burned down and recently I hear they have given Lubiru to some Indian who we shall naturally chase out soon and BAGANDA were all over a Gheto Love Beach but did not protest for their Lubiri being given away?  Thank goodness I am no longer a Muganda for it would break my heart to go to Kabembe and face my grand parents and tell them I ain't a Muganda.
If you go into Mukono, most everyone sings praises of Hon. Betty Nambooze.  Only a few do not like her but they are very STUPID so do not pay attention to them.
In 2015 Nambooze opposed a fuel station from being constructed in the city centre, next to Seeta High.  She was labeled against development. This is actually the first time I ran into her.  She was all over the news.  No idea why even that was a news worthy item but she said very clearly that a fuel centre next to a school and the trading was a very bad idea and she was right.  How many of you have ever seen a fuel station go up in flames.  This was such common sense it made no sense to even argue about it.  Fuel stations have tanks underground which feed the pumps.  If there is an explosion at the tank the fire might feed into the reserviours underground and all of a sudden you have shops, schools and everything going up in flames.  Most countries now put fuel stations out of heavily populated areas and yet the geniuses in Uganda wanted it in a very heavily populated area.
For a fact we know that Mao would have approved a fuel station in Gulu because his brain got fried with malaria, pneumonia or was it a bad stomach ache.  Norbert Mao has nothing on Hon. Betty Nambooze.  The latter will die for her people.  The former is chicken.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Staff Infrastructure Analyst, Exxonmobil Business Support Centre Canada

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