Friday, April 28, 2017

Day from hell if you are #Ugandan - There is no #Justice

It was a very bad day.  Let me tell you what happened and you will understand why I think today was a very bad day.
At 5:00Am, my Web Designer sends a message that we must do the Ads on the site now now.  Half asleep, and you people have no idea how much I hate this guy.  Okay so we do it.
Then the baby had to go in for a written Driver Exam.  At age 16 she needs to show bills with her name?  I told her it was STUPID.  I have no idea if she got her learner's license but since when are kids of age 16 supposed to show utility, rent and property tax bills.  Poor kid was likely not realising that she is a kid.
AND THEN shit hit the fan.  Dr. Stella Nyanzi ruling.  That the court, the dumb court, ruled that she must undergo a Psychiatric evaluation for her mental status. Do you know who really needs that test at Butabika?  It is Matako and Matokess dumb witch who keeps making excuses for being put in a role of Minister of Education which we all know should not be given to half illiterates.
This was not yet done.  The next thing is Desh Kananura being aquitted of murdering his employee. Young Badru Katerega was beaten to death for accepting a tip.  Who will speak up for him?  Desh should not celebrate because the wrath of unavenged deaths of innocents will haunt him down till he comes crawling like a baby, crying and begging for forgiveness.  Rest assured that Kanyamunyu will be acquitted next and I will be back writing about Akena. 
By the way, how did Mama Fina's curse on her Kiggundu husband "Mr. President, send people here to take my husband's body away.  It is so many hours now."  Then of course the classic says "I am going to use Juju and the killers will come crawling and crying like babies to confess that they murdered my beloved".  AHA.  Goes to tell you that Juju does not work.  The devil will never be fooled.  Soon after the proclamation, the bombs fell on Kasese.  Do you even remember the Kasese Massacre?  So was Mama Fina indirectly implying that the regime murdered her husband?  
Then this murderer is on radio saying "Ugandans are dying of hunger because they are too lazy or do not plan".  AND this is the country America and Europe keep giving money to.  ARE you insane?  The damn country was shooting hungry people who went to get donated food and this did not bother you?  Then this week they take RICE to Mbarara and give it out when they do not allow our poor hungry starving people from East and North Uganda to get free food.
Wait. I am not done yet.  The Oberver had a lovely article by someone I have learned to love and respect.  He said "Museveni went to Qatar with his family to sign trade deals but Uganda exports what?  Slaves?"  Students of History will remember that the Arabs used to buy slaves from Africa.  The slave dealers were our own chiefs. Today history repeats itself.  Our own presidents are selling our children into slavery to Arab countries.  Sure Europe and America bought slaves but there is no way in hell both continents would now buy slaves.  As a matter of fact both give opportunities.  Scholarships. Business Investments.  Training.  But Ugandan regime thugs are so focused on stealing they even turn away opportunities for the nation.  I miss Gen. Iddi Amin and much even more for Dr. Obote.
How is your oil working out by the way? 
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS:  The web designer is not half bad.  Please check out what he can do and he comes highly recommended because he is so tough on me but results are key.  He delivers what he promises.

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