Sunday, April 30, 2017

Children are terribly impressionable - #Uganda #Parent

One time when I returned from my full time job at the Moncton City Hospital, I was terribly burned out.  I just wanted to hug my girls to remind me of why I live.

Tasha takes off like a flash as soon as I walk in.  But I noticed something wrong with her butt.

I asked Becky what was wrong with her baby sister's butt.

"She is Nikki Minaj".

Apparently Mini had put her stuffed animals in her pants and gotten a big but and had been rapping all day while shaking what her mama gave her.

It took me a few days to realise it.  The kid had gone from singing Opera and Celine Dion and now grown a butt and since she is on the skinny side she had improvised.  But the rap music was a shock.  Rebecca sings bass and Tasha sings soprano and all of a sudden the house was alto and rap.

I had never listened to Nikki Minaj or Rap Music.

Then the moment of trying to understand.  Kids are impressed by what they see.  Nikki Minaj sings. Raps. Dances.  Has a huge behind. Kids emulate her.

Finally we had that talk. "Mom she is really smart. She sings.  She is beautiful. She is talented.  She needs no one but her talent.  She is my heroe".

Kale you be like that.  Adolescents love Nikki Minaj because she speaks to them.  She does so mostl especially for young black kids in North America.

Check Nikki Minaj out and you will see why young kids adore her. Kids need good role models.  I think Nikki is a good one.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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