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Cheeye is back in town spilling #Museveni secrets - #Uganda

Ex-ISO Director Teddy Seezi Cheye, who was released from Luzira prison recently, has declared readiness to join pro-change forces to bring an end to what he called “Banditry corruption” by the NRM government.
While appearing on TV talk show with Col Besigye, Ofwono Opondo, Norbert Mao, Miria Matembe and veteran scribe Charles Odongo Tho, Cheye regretted ever working for President Museveni. Flanked by Besigye on his right and OO on his left, a calm-talking Cheye described Museveni as ungrateful user who deliberately uses and dumps people after discrediting their reputation.
He gave himself as an example saying he was used and dumped by Museveni whom he also accused of playing double standards in the management of public affairs. Cheye said whereas Museveni always dismissed graft allegations against his favorite cadres on grounds he can’t rely on press reports, in his case the man from Rwakitura judged him based on media reports and never allowed him chance to defend himself.
“I tried many times to meet him and give my side but he dodged me until I gave up,” Cheye said.
He also wondered why it was him who had to be fixed using the Justice Katutsi trial yet others who were clearly implicated and recommended for prosecution by Justice Ogoola’s GF probe went scott-free. He said Ogoola had duly exonerated him of wrongdoing but he ended up in Luzira because people in the Museveni system wanted him punished for his Uganda Confidential articles that split the atom and exposed corruption in early Museveni years.
“I was exonerated of any wrongdoing and all the others were implicated but it’s me who they sent to Luzira,” Cheye said.
He accused Museveni of using him during his prime and dumping after seeing he had sufficiently been discredited while serving the system. He explained that the Shs120m for which he was convicted to be in Luzira, up to the Supreme Court, was diverted by him in order to deliver a politically sensitive pledge Museveni had personally made.
He said he reimbursed the money on the GF activity account using a personal loan he contracted from Crane Bank. “It was him landing me in all these problems and I admit I was a fool. He duped and used me to land into problems and he left me to go down alone. He turned his back on me and kept quiet as if he doesn’t know me and what I had done for him.” Cheye vehemently attacked OO saying he was blindly defending Museveni “because he doesn’t understand these things.”
Cheye also publicly apologized to Besigye for the damaging story he wrote claiming Anslem, the colonel’s son with Eng Winnie Byanyima, had died and the Besigye couple had kept the body in a fridge to minimize damage because it would damage KB’s 2001 campaigns.
Cheye’s other articles claimed Besigye was just spreading HIV Aids to innocent women in Kampala. He said he now realizes all these were fake stories he was used by the Museveni agents to write to destroy KB yet he is a man of honor.
“I want to apologize for such stories because that particular one was given to me by a big person in the Movement and I trusted this to be a credible person. I’m sorry I was used,” Cheye said adding that the good thing Besigye long forgave him for all these.
He said while KB was in Luzira after 2016 polls, he regularly interacted with him and accepted to forgive him on grounds he/Cheye was a good man who only served a bad system. OO refused Cheye’s apology saying “this can’t be oversight. You wrote about many people and you can’t say you were being used by Museveni’s people. You wrote about Matembe here, Col Besigye, Winnie Byanyima, the 1st lady and many other people and it was a prolonged campaign of your paper.” Matembe and Mao disagreed with OO saying Cheye should be welcomed with open hands “as a new soldier in the change struggle” since he has denounced his past.
Cheye said graft in Uganda was deeply more entrenched than many people think and dismissed the NRM leadership as promoters of banditry. He called them greedy people out to grab whatever they come across.
He likened some NRM leaders to locusts chasing after everything the country owns. Asked what should be done to halt corruption, Cheye said Museveni must commit suicide first before this country can get new cleaner leaders who can decisively fight the vice which he/M7 has failed to tackle.
Cheye explained that unless Museveni commits this suicide and ceases to be president, there is no way corruption will end in Uganda. Saying without corruption NRM can’t survive in power, Cheye said the irony that is there, no way Museveni can fight it and doesn’t lose his seat because he depends on buying political support.
Explaining his suicide analogy, Cheye said Museveni must order his family members and in-laws to surrender improperly acquired land in Nakaseke and other places for the fight against corruption and unjust enrichment to have meaning.
He said many such family members, whom he called primitive accumulators of wealth, own square miles of land in Luwero triangle.
“Unfortunately he can’t force anybody to return that land because that will be the end of him politically yet that is the type of political suicide he must commit for this country to win the war against corruption,” rhetorically argued Cheye who kept shutting up Opondo dismissing him as an ignorant follower of a system he doesn’t understand. Cheye’s strong point left Opondo in a very subdued demeanor and many fears he was going to wail and shed tears on the national TV.
Cheye and Matembe said Opondo is a no body in the Movement compared to how close the two were to Museveni when still serving his system. Cheye doubted if Opondo even ever gets any audience with the president.

Opondo wondered why Cheye didn’t resign if he clearly saw Museveni wasn’t well intentioned but just presiding over a banditry system as he called it. Cheye said “my friend we worked with that man for so long and always registered our disagreements but he is also a good manipulator. When he sees you have strong points he will either dodge you or always meet you with many others or chair meetings and ensure you don’t get to talk.” Cheye also dismissed Museveni as a gambling economist ever moving from one thing to another and ever looking for people to blame instead of owning up his mistakes.
“Besigye here is right in what he is saying. How do you go bragging that you are a capitalist and then bring a law purporting to deprive private property which is the essence of capitalism? This is all about gambling and will fail like all the other policies before,” Cheye said in reference to Besigye’s My Land my Life campaign.
Opondo bashed police for interfering with Besigye’s land campaign and urged government to promote its views while countering Besigye’s rather than gagging him using police. Mao weighed in and corroborated Cheye’s claim that NRM is built on grabbing public property.
“I have just returned from Pader where we have the Aswa ranch. I have seen a letter written by Minister Sempijja of agriculture distributing that land to different people and entities. One of the beneficiaries is the NRM organization being allocated square miles of land on that pubic land,” Mao said prompting Cheye to burst out saying
“I told you these guys are bandits.” Cheye vowed never to serve the Museveni system again and vowed to re-launch his Uganda Confidential which will split the atom and expose corruption scandals in the Museveni regime like never before. He insisted corruption in the NRM had become cancerous agreeing with Besigye is had become systemic and the only way to get rid of it and to uproot the entire Museveni regime.
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