Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bullies need to be stopped immediately and put in their place -@Potus @StateHouseUg @KagutaMuseveni @IGPUganda @JustinTrudeau @UPDFspokesman

Grown ups can learn a lot from kids.

In 2006 when Mini got on the school bus, she had been talking to her older sister about STUFF.  She announced upon getting on the bus "My name is Natasha.  I am 5yrs old.  If anyone bullies my sister I will beat them up".  Her sister was age 9yrs old.  So no kid bullied Rebecca till one smart pants tried it on Natasha and that boy will live to remember.  Rheal has many stories to tell about driving both kids to and back to school.

She used psychology to scare and warn bullies on her and her sisters.

When President Yoweri Museveni killed Acholi, no one thought to stop him.  He went on to kill many in DRC, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda.  Because when you give a bully a foot, they move a mile. To this day, no one has stopped the bully and in fact the world is so afraid of Museveni that he gets away with massacres like last year's #Kasese.  No one thought about a bully getting more bullish.

During President Donald Trump's political campaign, he threatened Muslims, women, lgbti and all sorts of immigrants.

I am on record for saying that if Canada did not stand with Mexico, there would be a price to be paid.  Also on record for saying that first he was banning Muslims and then...

As it is now, anyone who looks none white and flying into US is not only looked at as an originator from the original 7 banned countries.  When Trump put restrictions on the airlines which were bringing such rif rafs into the USA, all the airlines should have gone on strike and stopped flying into the USA.

As I write this, apparently, no laptops or iPads are allowed on planes.  It started in USA because of those original 7 countries.  BUT a bully always moves a mile when given a foot.  Now apparently many airlines do not allow devices on planes except phones.  WHICH if you think about it is very stupid because phones are now more powerful than computers and can trigger off things which are in belly cargo.

How Trump wins is we even had 2 MPs in Ottawa putting out silly things like immigrants.  Canada is a country of immigrants but do not even pay attention to that because we shall all soon be growing weed.

Canada should have stood up with Mexico and against the Muslim ban.  This week, Trump is in the media with an assault on Diary Farmers.  They should also remember the car assault.  So you look at farmers now facing a trade war with USA.  If Canada cannot even fight this trade war, imagine what will happen to the other countries who trade with USA.

Personally, I like Trump.  I love the man like you have any idea.  In 100 days he has put all despots and dictators on notice.  He pulled US out of the Museveni war in CAR to hunt for elusive Kony.

He authorised a major assault on Somalia rif raf rag tag militia.  He demanded that UN MUNISCO funding in DRC be cut back by 25%.

He is telling Kim Jong how things will work.

Make no mistake about bullies.  Today you think the bully is after your lunch and pocket change, kesho he will be after your guns.

Well done President Donald Trump.  By the way, we could use some of those Tomahawks in Uganda on State House and Parliament and then we will all #MakeUgandaGreatAgain.

Many thanks to Japan for pulling out of Museveni's war in South Sudan and to Hon. Theresa May for flying in British troops to deal with that crisis.

While the world was asleep, dictator Museveni invaded every neighbouring country and caused wars in The Great Lakes Region of Africa more than it is recorded in History.  You funded all his wars. Time to clean up the mess.  History will judge you very harshly and will write me down for having told you of the genocides and massacres in Uganda and the surrounding countries which were invaded by your "partner for security in Africa" whom you all now know that is a brutal killer.

Here is a replay of  the #Kasese Massacre in case you missed it.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Proudly Canadian born in Uganda

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