Saturday, April 8, 2017

#Buganda should rise up against oppresion - #Uganda @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye @StateHouseUg

Nathan SPAN


Buganda should wake up and question Mengo's establishment allegiance. Mengo has been in bed with NRM for too long while our people are jobless, swimming in abject poverty, imprisoned on flimsy charges while Mengo is dinning with our enemy.

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi with his brother visited State House Entebbe and dictator Museveni received Kabaka fully dressed in military uniform. What madness is this? Have you ever seen Museveni receiving other dignitaries dressed in full military uniforms? Did Kabaka go to state house to talk about national security?

Did he go to talk to dictator Museveni to stop the slaughter of our people in Masaka at night? Katikiro Peter Mayiga should resign and a new Katikiro that would have Buganda's interests at heart be appointed.

King Mumbere stood up to dictator Museveni and fought for his people but where is Mengo in all this?  Buganda should stop paying dues to Mengo and we demand that Mengo takes this call very seriously? Buganda has suffered so much just like the rest of the country but we cannot and will not accept Mengo to have an orgy with dictator Museveni while our children have no jobs.

Mengo is responsible for allowing Museveni to rule us indefinitely while most Baganda NRM  MPigs are pushing for the removal of age limit.  Did Kabaka go to state house to inquire about the Masiro inferno investigation that have yielded nothing? Can Mengo take a leaf from King Mumbere? Our people are dying and its time we Baganda take a very hard look at Mengo. Buganda and other well wishers, should rise up and tell Peter Mayiga that we have had it. Bobi Wine has stood with Buganda and we should stand with our own too.


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