Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#Buganda needs to smell coffee - leaderless kingdom #Uganda

By Nathan SPAN
Mengo has been in bed with Museveni for so long that now it's difficult to separate them from NRM in their treatment of our people. Mengo has started evicting people the same way NRM terrorist government has been doing. Come under the cover of darkness and demolish people's properties without any hearing or sympathy.
The Kabaka is protected by SCF and so is Museveni and his family it seems that they're both joined at the hips. For those that are old enough to remember the father of Kabaka Mutebi, how much he fought for his people to a point of being exiled twice and died in exile while lamenting the destiny of his people, can understand our frustrations with Mengo of today.
Many people have aired their frustrations on social media and some have gone overboard in their criticism of Mengo. Buganda as well as the entire country is swimming in abject poverty, joblessness but for some reason this does not bother Mengo. CBS radio has become a shadow of itself, useless because the radio is afraid confrontation with the central government. Governments officials go on air and announce how the NRM terrorist regime would shoot our jobless children should they come to the streets in objections of the election results and Mengo is dancing with the enemy.
Dr. Stella Nyanzi has taken over the mantle to fight for the powerless while Katikiro Peter Mayiga is boasting of how he could get even a bigger position in Museveni's regime. Our people are suffering and those in are winning and donning with foreigners. Buganda has always defended Mengo at any cost and during the 1966 war, many Baganda were buried alive in Namanve and those that can access Uganda Argus news paper at the time can see how people fought with Mutesa all the way to the end.
We are warning Mengo that its riding a tiger and one day Mengo will end up in its stomach. My worry is that if this happens, Buganda may celebrate instead of standing with Mengo. Mengo should look into the mirror and see if the individual they see is not Museveni, wake up before it's too late.

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