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Bongani brings home Sandy - Chapter 17


The day of departure to the city of gold 'Egoli' as it is called, had come for Bongani's other uncle Moses who had never been married . The girls in the village who were looking for a husband came to say goodbye thinking he could change his mind and settle for one of them. How could a man reach fifty years without taking a girl home! A man who bathes cold water says it all!  He will never need a helper to warm his water. But Uncle Moses was just too picky.

His people thought may be that's what he needed. Johannesburg would give him true love. The relatives had already asked Bongani to help his uncle find a wife.

Uncle Moses always considered himself better than others. He acted rich and carried himself with pride. Always spelling all his names after an introduction and insisting on proper pronunciations! Quite intimidating to those with low self esteem.

In the village he ate with forks and knives while others ate with hands or spoons. He held free classes  of how to eat and drink at high class dinners. He always rebuked those that poured a full glass of wine! Never to fill a glass to the brim                      

Uncle Moses had dinner with his relatives and a few friends to say goodbye. On Friday he was travelling to Johannesburg to work and stay there. His words at dinner, "Life does not end at fifty!" Distributing his old clothes to the poor, promised to visit during  ceremonies. He asked his old aunt Anna to live in his house.

Friday afternoon, uncle was ready to go. All dressed up smartly as if he was heading to a ceremony. The single girls still gave him their contact details hoping he would remember to come back for either of them! I wonder if he put them on his waiting list but who knows!

On the bus, he got more numbers. He sat next to a mother with a little girl who called him daddy. He had to play along since the little girl was restless. Every time he held her she calmed down. Little did he know the mother thought they both had a chance. It was late and most passengers fell asleep.

Uncle Moses woke up to find the mother's head leaning on him. He swore never to travel by bus! He whispered, "Sister, please get off me." She said she was sorry. He opened his coca cola to  drink and every body wanted a sip. After sharing the drink, he didn't want it back. Now he was being critised for being unsocial! Eventually, they all slept.

Uncle Moses woke up to an announcement welcoming him to Johannesburg. Bongani was already waiting outside. Oh my God he was relieved. Rivonia was not far. Bongani had already asked Gladys to invite them for dinner.  After a shower and a warm breakfast, uncle went to sleep.

The night was  going to be long. Gladys was determined to get uncle Moses and she went through her wardrobe to choose the perfect Xhosa dress to wear for the dinner. She knew her game and hoped Bongani would know when to leave them alone.

It was dinner. The food was made with love! Bongani bought flowers and chocolates for Gladys. She welcomed them in Xhosa. Not a word of English was spoken. I always salute those other races that honour other cultures.

After dinner, Gladys knelt before uncle Moses to offer him desert. Bongani found an excuse to leave; the culture was getting deep! He said he had a headache and asked Sandy to get him to bed. They both thanked Gladys for a traditional dinner and left.

Uncle felt taken but still  wanted to get his job first. Drinking more wine was not wise. He switched to juice. Next he offerred to wash the dishes as Gladys sang Xhosa traditional love songs as she played the CDS softly.

Uncle didn't knew he had to leave before the date advanced. So after offering him the job, he said he would cook tomorrow to hear more about his job.

When he knocked on the door, Bongani was waiting to be updated.  "Did yo get the job?" He asked. But Uncle just yawned and asked to get some rest. "I can't tell as yet that's why I'm going back for dinner tonight to find out whether I will be hired." "Of course, goodnight, uncle," Said Bongani.

Uncle knew he had found her but still wondered how it had to be too late to have kids. Even if it was a daughter he would be grateful. Was it too late? Of course not! He knew there had to be some herbs to get that child. Gladys knew her womb could only carry Xhosa children. She also wondered why it took her so long to find uncle Moses. She also thought of giving Moses an heir. The next dinner was just for the two of them. She couldn't wait to talk some more.

Sunday night dinner had candles and since it was cold she lit the fire place. They sat on blankets by the fire. As they talked, the distance between them got smaller and smaller! It was like a magnet was moving them closer. The Xhosa soft music was describing the moment. Gladys put something in her eye and asked uncle Moses to help remove it! Uncle removed it but he couldn't compromise his principles.

He wanted to know more about Gladys, why was she living alone. He asked whether she had spent her youth only learning Xhosa! He wanted her but on his terms.He wanted to make the first move. He wanted an honourable date. So he asked to sign the contract and asked her out. He wanted to take her to Maboneng to dance after dinner. He said he wanted to see more of her in another African short dress.

Gladys realised uncle Moses wanted to find out how old she was by looking at her legs! They both shared their youth stories. Gladys having been married to a Xhosa man, gave uncle Moses more hope of a good person.

"Moses thank you for the dinner," Said Gladys. As he picked up the contract, he promised to be a hard worker and said goodbye addressing her as his boss. This time the dinner was short. Tomorrow was work and everyone needed an early night.

Monday was work and uncle Moses was introduced to the staff. They both agreed to go on more dates just to be sure of the right decisions. Bongani is amazed how fast the family is growing.


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