Saturday, April 15, 2017

Beware of the company you keep #Uganda

In 2014, this kid contacted me and asked me how I had done on the O'Level Exams. I told him I had done rather well.

"Come on Leah, Bududa SS did not too well but tell me what you got". Engalabi.  I never even went to that school but apparently I have a twin much younger than me whom some people thought it was me. Looks can be deceiving.

There is an old saying.."Birds of the same feather".

Do you see Lawyers hanging around with malwa groups or Tonto drinkers?

Lawyers hang around with fellow lawyers.

Doctors hang around fellow lawyers.

Activists and journalists do the same.

Geeks have nerds as friends.

The main reason is they learn from each other and teach other.

Then we have Uganda FBzero users who hang around with people who add no value to their lives at all.  You might now want to check your friend list.

If you choose to surround yourself who add no value to your life, you have made an express decision to remain at your level.

You should surround yourself with friends who teach you and challenge you to become a better you.

It is pointless for an S3 drop out to try to hang out with a doctor or lawyer.  Choose your friends wisely.

You know that when you send a friend request on Facebook, most people will go to your profile and check out who your friends are.

You might also remember that recruiters also do this so imagine you are applying for a job and the future employer checks your FB and you have just been tagged in a post saying "bro kam n we do a parti at Kiswa in my hood"!

Temuli baavu.

Martha Leah Nangalama
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