Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Awangale kabaka - where are youth from #KayungaRiots #Uganda

Awangale Kabaka. Awangale.
I think this is what Gheto guy guy said after lamenting for his Love Beach being demolished by Mengo.

Awangale Kabaka.  Then if you ask them about the youth from the Kayubga riots, you better not be a Munamawanga.

Do not even ask them why Rwandese are now the biggest land owners in Buganda. Awangale Kabaka.

Never mind that their schools were also demolished and their markets like Owino.  Awangale Kabaka.

Now they pine for land grabbing and high school fees after they even watched their own cooperatives get destroyed.

Of course some will say the best schools are in Buganda.  But can you afford them?  Dr. Milton Obote may have been right. A good Muganda is a dead one.

The biggest tribe did not only stop at calling us banamawanga.  They sold out their own people.

Baganda watch their elders and business people mudered and only say RIP, Awangale Kabaka.

 There is stupid and then there is STUPID.

Martha Leah Nangalama (aka Namutebi)

Not angry yet. Lubiri and Kayunga lest you forget.

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