Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Atlantic Badminton final tournament - #NB411 #PEI411 #NS411 #NL411

All the sports in Canada is played in school, local club then Provincial and finally the Atlantics (4 provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Labrador).

What comes after the Atlantics are the Nationals.  Most of the kids have made it in their regionals, provinces and in the four provinces and finally when they are ready and accept, they have to play the Nationals.  Canadian Nationals for sports are not easy on kids from the 4 Maritime Provinces because kids have to face the big provinces like Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Many kids from our small provinces hesitate to face the kids from the big provinces which are naturally well funded with their own families affording them private private coaches who likely are olympic champions current and previous.

Education, Arts and Sports in Canada tries to be an equal playing field and in fact we have former Olympians come to Moncton to train our kids. The other 3 Maritime provinces get the same.  Then it comes down to the kids, their teachers, coaches and parents.

We are talking about children, teens, having to play about 20hrs a week while in school and some holding down part time jobs.  The coaches walk on water.  Some of the tournaments require kids skipping school on Friday but all their school assignments must be turned in on Monday if they are due on Monday.  So coaches become natural parents and teachers and put the little ones to bed early for their games the next day.  Then they also ensure the poor little monsters do their school work. Sports in Canada is "school grades then your game".

Many parents help to drive the kids to the games but the real hard work is on the coaches who know that their little protegees must maintain good grades.  There is something about these kids because they love their sports but still want to excel at school and their coaches, chaperons and the schools know this.  Let the kids play.  It will help them in life.

This weekend is a tournament in Nova Scotia.  Coaches, kids and parents will be flying in or driving long distance while likely yelling at the kids to finish their home work.  Then we have these parents who know how hard it is for coaches and teachers so many skip work for 3 days to help the coaches with the littles and just treat the kids like their own.  Talk about a village raising a kid but in Canada, these are stories you will hear from communities daily because every child matters.

Badminton ends May 3rd and then of course the summer sports set in while the kids still need drives to their summer jobs.  GOD has a sense of humour.  No all.  Parenting is a truly fulfilling job and anyone who tells you otherwise lies. But teaching..I will never stop praising teachers.  They walk on water.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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