Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Are those pretending to love #Kabaka #Museveni's moles? #Uganda

By Nathan SPAN

There is a misconception in the general public, particularly those who strongly think that if you oppose Mengo or Kabaka or if you speak out against glaring injustices against our people then you are a hater of Kabaka. It's true to respect the Kabaka and the kingdom but also we should not be a yes type of society where Mengo asks Buganda to jump and we ask how high do you want us to jump. We should ask Mengo why do you want us to jump in the first place.

Many people especially those pretending to love Kabaka blindly have reminded me that Museveni brought back Kabaka and therefore if it was not NRM, Mutebi would not be the king of Buganda today. Most of those pretending to love Kabaka forget that Museveni had to convince Kabaka to support the fake struggle that NRA perpetuated to kill people. Obote outlawed the Kabaka but the kingdom remained functional. You cannot outlaw smoking weed but you leave farms responsible for growing weed intact.

We blame Mengo for being too close to NRM regime and therefore helping dictatorship flourish in Uganda. Mengo can do more to help our people in Buganda and in the entire country instead of running to the very people who are suffering under this regime for more Tofalis. Someone actually told me that today's youth love Kabaka so much but again Mengo should not take that love for granted and the youth should not go on a blind date with Mengo.

There are so many moles among us who pretend to love Kabaka but in reality they are undercover agents for dictator Museveni. Such people represent real and immediate danger to Buganda and Uganda in general. Those are the very same people giving Museveni credit for achieving so much but cannot point out such achievements.

Finally we can oppose Mengo but not go overboard in our criticisms of Mengo. Buganda's alliance is with Kabaka and Kabaka is responsible for Buganda's interests. Buganda's love for Kabaka should not be taken for granted. Hard questions must be asked such as why hasn't the central government released the Masiro fire investigations if the NRM regime did not have a hand in torching Masiro.


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