Sunday, April 9, 2017

#AprilRevolution might be real and now global -#Uganda @IGPUganda @aKasingye @StateHouseUg @Potus

When the #AprilRevolution was declared by that notorius #TVO I also thought it was a Facebook joke and thought "naaa!  Ugandans are wimps.  They will inhale one canister of tear gas and go running under their beds crying like little babies".

However, TVO had just been emboldened by Mark our beloved Zuckerberg telling the Uganda regime he was not gonna hand over TVO's identity and won a case in Dublin while Monitor had published last year that that half drop out school traitor come lawyer had won a ground breaking lawsuit against Facebook Inc.

The key is BBC, Reuters and Bloomberg did not run the story but a used to be respected Uganda media house knew it all.  Ahem! Since then, we have seen people around the globe rise up against impunity, corruption and injustive.

Some of you might remember Park Geun-hye.  She is now in a cell (cooler) and you will remember that when she flew to Uganda to wine and dine with dictator murderer thug Museveni, her political career came crashing. 

Bahamas joined the #AprilRevolution. Syria joined but chemicalised their own. Damn! Then President Donald Trump looked in the camera and said he was gonna blow Asdad into smeethereens.  And Trump did.

Defiance kicked in when South Africans hit the streets demanding for Zuma to step down.  The Rand came tumbling. Meanwhile in Venezuela, Marudo told everyone to stop eating cake and eat bread. Brazil closed down meat processing plants. Canada was in the news to legalize weed.  We love our Justin Trudeau.

Machar returned from the land of the dead and proceded to have his rebels kill and maim and now Uganda is the dumping ground of rif rafs. Kagame was in the news saying Museveni was training rebels to take down the Rwanda regime.

But him and Museveni are joined at the hip so that was just BS. Meanwhile in DRCongo, the militia slaughtered people while opposition was in the streets protesting third term while Kabila houses Uganda rebels to attack his God Father. Ethiopia murdered people from Oromo or some tribe.

Somalia declared the country under state of war and gave Al Shabaranks 60 days to lay down their arms. As if. The EU found out that funding and supporting dictators when you accept asylum seekers, they might just bomb you. Now all the world Super Powers are watching warships hit the high seas and you wonder if April is not a month to be feared.

It is the cleansing month for in this month the Messiah died and arose.  Those who do not believe in the Christ even today blew themselves up in Egypt! Uganda is on record for shooting live bullets at rhe hungry people who only went to get donated food. Uganda is also in media for arresting an academician who dared to tell The First Lady that she is an airhead. Now the warships are moving to North Korea. Do not forget about Kaweesi and bogus arrests while you did not allow us to bury our dead in the #Kasese Massacre. Let us enjoy our peace and sleep as we watch you self destruct.  We have our problems like daiky killings, massive kills, media gags and hunger. #KarmaInHeels Martha Leah Nangalama In the end we shall not remember our enemies.

We shall remember our friends who remained silent as our people were being massacred. Silence is Consent.  
US Warship heads to North Korea

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