Sunday, April 2, 2017

#AprilRevolution hits #Uganda @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @UPDFSpokesman

President Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is on record that he only works for his family.

He is also on record that he is not a servant.

His wife Janet Kataha is on record telling us to buy Food Flasks.  But she was not done yet.  She is on record for telling us to buy cars and avoid boda bodas.

You might also remember her saying Karamojong who beg in Kampala ashame Uganda because Karamojong wastes resources.

Her husband is also on record saying the deought is good.

This is April.  Will you reclaim your rights, your freedom of speech and your land?

Do you know that we will not fundraise for you to fly to India or Germany?

Perhaps you are one of those elits who send their children to Namagunga as the Museveni and Nangalama families.

Do you have any relatives who were evicted from being vendors?

Are you from Gulu and do not remember the Vulu walk and the Brilliant Genocide?

Are you in UPF and your family was evicted from Naguru barracks?

Perhaps you are in UPDF and watched your colleagues be flown to Somalia for Court Martial and imprisonment outside Uganda.

Are you a medical intern who must work for free?

Perhaps you are a practicing doctor whose salary is not paid for many months.

You could also be a Civil Servant or teacher still waiting to be paid.

Did you sell all your possessions to get your child a degree and then borrow money to sell them to Arabs as slaves?

Have you had your child die in the Middle East?

Are you a journalist who has been beaten up for doing your job?

Are you a Crime Preventer who was promised a paying job after training?

Was your mother undressed for being with FDC?

Perhaps your aunties danced and cried naked because their only means of income was being taken away and they could no longer grow millet.

Maybe you borrowed money and bought land in Hoima to cash on oil and you are still waiting!

Do you live in Kalangala and BIDCO took over your land?

Perhaps you are none of the above because you live in a glass house and have walls which Kabila built for you to avoid demanding for the $10 billion owed to DRCongo.

It is also possible that you have an armed of people to protect you but remember that lightning strikes them or they run into their own guns!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then #AprilRevolution is yours.

Martha Leah Nangalama
PS: I did not answer yes to any of the above questions so you are on your own.

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