Sunday, April 9, 2017

Another rebel group makes statement on #AprilRevolution for #Uganda @StateHouse @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye @UPDFspokesman

The war to return Uganda to Ugandans will not be won by use of guns or violence.  Anyone who tells you otherwise lies to you because Museveni has his own army, found his oil (which is still in the ground) and Kayihura has his own police (which kills its top officers) and the Judiciary has its own corrupted Justice System.
Fourth Force will use only technology.  There shall not be any violence at all.  It will involve information sharing for all Ugandans and our Global friends, Investors, Funders and the friends who believe that no country must be enslaved and impoverished.
We are a team of highly trained IT professionals who will liberate our motherland from the fangs of the Leopard.
While others go into the bush to fight, we shall not.
We are hungry because of the drought our people are hungry and when they show up to get free food, they are fed tear gas and shot at on live cameras.
We are sick because the regime steals every penny donated for Medical Care.
We are unemployed because we do not belong to a special group of people who get jobs they are poorly qualified for because of nepotism.  We will not tolerate nepotism to give us MPigs who can hardly articulate in the National Language.
Our fight is for our children whose schools you have demolished or closed saying that the schools were sub par and then force us to put our kids in private schools we cannot afford.
Our parents, siblings and relatives have been evicted off the streets of Kampala with markets being burned or demolished so we are hungry more than the regime realises.
Fourth Force is in bed with all the teachers whose salaries have not been paid or they make such little money they are forced to sleep with students and do SEX for grades.
Perhaps the biggest thing to worry about is the Police, Army and Intelligence who also watch the suffering of their people and have no voice because our journalists get brutalized on live camera to end up maimed or get arrested.
We have watched you unleash an incredible brutality on our people and then show up on live cameras justifying the violence and even go as far as to say that our people deserve to die when you unleash bombs upon us.
We have watched you steal.  Steal from all the tax payers and donors.  We watch you chase out investors monthly and even go as far as going up against those you thought were your best investors like Crane Bank or Cairo Bank or even recently UPTL (Libya).

We now await for you to turn over all the identifying information of Ugandans to foreign Telcos when you could not even provide a database for the February Election results nor do you have a finger print database from your fiasco of the National ID project and a General even died for it.
You say you are going to be monitoring all communication of all Ugandans.  Maybe you should stop appointing IDIOTS as ministers for Education and ICT and stop raiding media houses who could tell you that what you do is wrong.  Then you arrest Academicians who dare talk for the people whose voices you have silenced.  The thunder which is about to strike you will be merciless. 
General Martha Leah Nangalama
Fourth Force - Welcome to Information Technology.  You go ahead and use the guns.  We will work smarter. 

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