Thursday, April 13, 2017

Another letter to #StellaNyanzi - #Uganda @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye @StateHouseUg

April 13, 2017

Dear Stella,

I have seen the post (on your behalf) of your day two in Luzira. Looks you are holding out fine, as expected. You are already at work. It was a bit scary on Tuesday  when we learnt of the so called psychiatrists  from Butabika attempting to push you over. They can't give up just yet.

Listen - there is this little other trick they use (personal experience).  Some 'researchers' might come to see you. One of them will be very friendly and as s/he leaves, after taking about how you are coping and the need for you to have a good night's sleep in your circumstances, she will slip a few tabs in your hands and whisper to you that they (the tabs) would help you sleep better. (You are supposed to think that s/he is such a nice person, she has smuggled help to you in jail).

Please don't  take them. They are meant to make you go completely beserk.

You see, Stella, you have no guns, no money, no friends in high places. You are just a postdoctoral single mother  with gut.  All you have is your brain. And that's what the dictatorship  is afraid of and is targeting. You make them look so inadequate because they don't  have half the size of your mental capacity. That's why their only 'defence' is that you are probably 'mentally sick'. They are laying ground for attack.

Be friendly to the ladies, your fellow inmates there. But please, please, don't trust even one of them, however meek they may seem. Some of them are actually on the dictator's payroll. Some are just hopeless convicts who can actually harm you, in exchange for a promise of a reduction of their sentences.

It's only 10 days left for you to get back to town (court). Soon it will be two and soon one and yeah you'll be on that bus again. But whatever happens on your second appearance in court, accept it as the best thing that should happen to you.

I congratulate you on completing the full activist cycle.

Prayerful regards,

Omar Kalinge-Nnyago

I want to add,  thank you Omar (#Achila)

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