Thursday, April 13, 2017

Always know what your enemy is capable of #Uganda @IGPUganda

I had one of the greatest martial teachers for Tae Kwondo.  He was great apart from the push ups he had all his students do.

When I was working for my green belt, he noticed that I never looked at the kid I was gonna spur against.

He pulled me aside and asked me why I was not staring down the enemy in the face.  I told him it was a culture thing.

My sensei then said "never shake their hand without staring them in their eyes.  Martha the eyes show a lot.  Your turn is up and if you just give your competitor a bloody nose without looking in their eyes, I will not give you your Green belt".

So this kid is in front of me.  Very tall with muscles.  I am on the petite size.  I looked at that bully in the face.  I got my green belt.

This is the mistake Kataha and Kayihorror made.  They did not stare into the eyes of Dr. Stella Nyanzi. Because of that mistake, now Stella does not even have to go into the spurring ring.  It is all in her eyes.

Another thing sensei said "always give a clear waring before you hit".

Stella gave a clear warning.  And all of uswho support her also warned.  But did you heed the warnings?  Now watch the world come smashing you down.

Martha Leah Nangalama
I am #FreeStellaNyanzi
I am going for my blue belt.  Just watch.

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