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#Humanities like #Music are useless - #Uganda president #Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni is on record for telling Ugandans that Humanities are useless.  No one should blame him since his entire family is full of medical doctors, engineers, physicists and astronauts with some mathematicians in the clan.
I was so stunned I had to give myself a head shake.  Useless humanities.  No wonder Uganda is the most scientifically developed country in Africa.  L'horreur de ma vie!
There is no one in STEM who will tell you that Humanities are useless but he is the president so the country will be focusing on only sciences and technology which is right up my alley.
The education system in Uganda has been so bastardized graduates cannot even write a one page essay with atrocious grammatical mistakes but that is okay since they will be shipped off to the Middle East as slaves anyway.  Imagine your parents pay for 3 to 4 years and you slave through a degree to only find yourself as a maid, sex slave or driver in the Arab world because our country so believes in Humanities being useless and sciences being king.
Then of course we have the contrast like Canada where Humanities are respected and kids take arts and music and the unemployment rate is 6.9% where Uganda has 85% - 92% unemployment.  Numbers do not lie.
Lucky Museveni whose family has only scientists.  Most of our families do not have scientists and in fact we have teachers of art, history, literature, economics, agriculture, entrepreneurship and other things like some of them teaching chemistry, physics or maths nebilala nebilala.
I watched a kid write a report for her English course (might have been the French one though) and she chose the topic of how music is known to increase academic performance by up to 35% and why Mozart and Tchaikovsky rule.  Then we live in a province which provides Sistema for free and it is not an option but a requirement because apparently Canada knows that music, drawing and painting, dance and sports are good for little monsters.  Not Uganda though.  They are all none humanities.
Some of you might not know this but many children can read musical notation before they read books because music is natural for the human brain and "without music, life would be a mistake"... Friedrich Nietzsche
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, New Brunswick Canada

'Humanities useless' debate sparks science teacher boost - University World News

'Humanities useless' debate sparks science teacher boost

George Michael - Careless Whisper (Official Video)

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@United CEO Munoz says will not become Chairman

Amid passenger-dragging fiasco, United CEO Oscar Munoz says he won't take chairman post with the company having lost a whooping $1 billion in capitalization in a day only to recover but still close with a loss in the neighbourhood of $750,000 in one trading day.  IMAGE is everything!
Facing furor after a United passenger was dragged off a sold-out plane, the chief executive for the carrier’s parent company has agreed not to take on the added role next year of chairman of the board.
Under a previous employment agreement, United Continental Holdings chief executive Oscar Munoz was scheduled to become chairman of the board next year, in addition to retaining his current position.
But in documents filed Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Munoz has agreed not to take on the chairmanship role, a post now held by Robert Milton.
In another filing with the SEC, the company says it wants to “ensure that Mr. Munoz is able to more exclusively focus on his role as chief executive officer. The board also believes that an independent chairman of the board can effectively manage the relationship between the board and the chief executive officer.”
The documents don’t specifically say that the changes are the result of pressure upon Munoz after a passenger, Dr. David Dao, was dragged off a sold-out plane in Chicago on April 9, in a scene that has become a worldwide viral video. Dao suffered a concussion and broken nose and lost two teeth. The carrier asked Dao and three other passengers to give up their seats to make room for United employees, but Dao refused.
A section in the SEC documents about employee compensation said the management and the board “take recent events extremely seriously” and are working to more closely tie future compensation incentives to “improving the customer experience.”
Executive bonuses were previously tied primarily to financial and operating goals, according to the documents.
Munoz, who took his current position in September 2015, last year earned a base salary of $1.25 million, plus stock awards and equity payments for a total compensation package of $18.7 million. The additional post of chairman was not expected to increase his salary, United officials said.

Employees must never assume that they are irreplaceable - #JOB #Employment

I normally write for Uganda managers, supervisors, business owners and supervisors because Uganda has a very high unemployment rate and bosses assume employees owe the company for having a pathetically low paying job.  You are wrong on this one but read my past writing.
Today it is for employees all around the world who think they are so good they cannot be replaced.  If you do not believe that you can be replaced, contact Bill O'Reilly, FOX's O'Reilly Factor.  At least he walked away with a bronze parachute of $25 million.  You also have CEO's who go away with golden parachutes some to the tune of $400 million.
If you are unlucky like moi, you will get maybe get $10,000 or nothing and wish you had kept your CV up to date.
Why you are replaceable is because your skills have also been taught in other schools to other people.  Your skills have also been taught by other employers to others.  Your speciality is likely being incubated in China or Brazil as we speak.
All companies have an organisation chart of key functions / roles.  In each box there is the role and then they just slot in a name.  So if you get hit by a bus or get thrown under the bus, the company only has to pick someone in the same company who has skills similar to you and hasta la vista baby.  OR they will put up an AD and get people.  Even better, they will hire a SEARCH firm to find them the right candidate for the position.  Usually these are for high end executive kind of jobs but some of us like IT nerds can be replaced by a kid earning half the salary working longer hours from even the local university or some kid in India earning 10% of what we are paid in Canada.
As much as we need employers to treat us well, we must also not take employers for granted.  Companies lose money when their assets (employees) do not play their part.
In the mean time, of course as usual, learn.  Use every opportunity to learn.  Read. Keep studying. Take evening or weekend courses.  Never stop learning.  People in IT know this very well because the technology changes so fast one can no longer say they are a certified Nortel Engineer (what happened to that company anyway?).
Today it is Nortel, tomorrow it is Avaya and next month it will be Lucent or Nokia or some other Contact Centre hurry come up.  The key is if you have been reading and learning, nothing will take you by shock.  For a fact in IT, the only thing that has remained constant is SQL.  Structured Query Language is forever and then of course everything is built on top of that.  If you are in IT you should familiarise yourself with BigData and Analytics because these are the it and require solid skills in databases and security.
Then of course we have some CEOs who say only they have the vision until they die in a trench like a rat and leave their country in a total mess and in their grave they wonder what they were thinking to say only they had the vision?  If you do not believe this, ask Sadam Hussein or Gadafi. But of course President Yoweri Museveni is the only Visionary though.  Look at the sheep he is leading.  So this one might not suffer the fate of some others who shall remain nameless because at least he has his own army, treasury and found his own oil.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

#Beyoncé - #Irreplaceable

Reason online uprising against Bill O’Reilly worked - #FOX #OReillyFactor

DECADES-WORTH OF SEXUAL harassment allegations finally caught up with Bill O’Reilly this week. Fox News officially dropped the conservative pundit and face of its brand following a bombshell New York Times investigation and the weeks of flashy protests that followed, including a giant rally outside Fox’s New York headquarters and a plane carrying a #DropOReilly banner flying over Manhattan.
But arguably the most powerful force operating against O’Reilly after the news broke was the laser-focused social media uproar. Far from your standard-issue slacktivism, this particular backlash, singularly focused on convincing advertisers to pull their money from The O’Reilly Factor. Left-leaning groups like Color of ChangeSumofUs, and Sleeping Giants directed their millions of combined followers to litter the social media pages of brands like Hulu, Jenny Craig, and Trivago with public pleas and criticism, leading some 60 advertisers to withdraw from the show.
The coordinated campaign demonstrated how effectively social media activism can work. But it also came at the right time in the history of technology and media. Thanks to the ad-tech boom, advertisers today have endless options for where to place their messages. They no longer need The O’Reilly Factor to reach O’Reilly’s audience, because ad exchanges can find those very same targets pretty much anywhere else these viewers live online. Combine that reach with the fact that consumers also have more outlets than ever to express their corporate rage, and the decision whether to stick with Fox or skirt a scandal starts to look like an easy one.
“Brands like to take the moral high ground,” says Nicole Carty, a campaign manager for the consumer watchdog group SumofUs. “Moving ads from one place to another is low-risk in the scheme of things.”
That wasn’t always the case. “Fox used to be the place where you needed to go to reach a certain type of conservative audience,” says Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Change. For a while, that made Robinson’s job tougher. Back when Glenn Beck was still on Fox, the civil rights group launched a similar campaign to oust him from the network, an effort that began years before Beck eventually left the network in 2009. Back then, Twitter was just three years old and Facebook had 360 million active users, compared to the 1.86 billion monthly active users on the platform today.
“It was completely different in terms of the power of Twitter and all of these platforms,” Robinson says. “The speed at which this happened was much quicker and more direct.” It didn’t hurt that O’Reilly and Fox spent $13 million over the years settling lawsuits filed by O’Reilly’s accusers.
Keeping Brands Safe
This new flexibility for advertisers hasn’t always kept them away from controversy. At times, it’s plunged them deeper into it. During the GamerGate controversy, for instance, trolls angry about Gawker’s criticism of gaming culture called on advertisers to distance themselves from the site. A few, including Intel and Adobe, actually did cut ties, despite the fact that in doing so, they were siding with the trolls. More recently, brands have found their ads featured alongside extremist videos on YouTube, leading companies like AT&T to pull their ads from the platform altogether.
This new world requires brands to be hyper-vigilant about where their ads end up, since algorithms, not ad execs, are deciding where to place them. That’s particularly true given that consumers now have social media megaphones to let the world know if and when brands slip up. In hopes of mitigating that risk, JP Morgan recently shrunk the number of websites displaying its ads from 400,000 to just 5,000.
That activism undoubtedly escalated the O’Reilly scandal. Just days after the New York Times published its investigation, Fox renewed the longtime broadcaster’s contract anyway. But a determined network of online activists had already begun whittling away at advertisers’ loyalty, until one by one, they took their business elsewhere.
“Fox is a corporation and corporations listen to their bottom line,” Carty says. “We had to make it economically painful for them before they took action.”
For Fox, it seems, the economic burden became too much to bear. As for O’Reilly, his $25 million severance package should soften the blow.

Bill O' Reilly More Racist Than Ever - Ahem! #Racism at its best

#Museveni's police state scheme graduates to a surveillance state - #Uganda

A Police State is a core characteristic of a totalitarian form of governance.  The regime exercises power arbitrarily through the power of the Police Force as opposed to a state regulated by civil administration. 
Citizens of a police state experience restrictions on their rights and freedoms which is subject to Police monitoring or enforcement.  A political Police unit then acts for the repressive regime to control the political, economic and social life of the people in place of regular operations of civil administrative and judicial organs of the government as set about by the constitution and other legal procedures.
Citizens of a Police State face grave restrictions on their mobility and freedom to express or communicate political or other views.  Such a Police State is fundamentally authoritarian and often a dictatorship which suppress citizens' rights under the guise of state security and the leaders are seen as gods who exercise absolute powers.  Political opposition to the regime is treated as a crime against the state.
As public dissent is forbiden, it inevitably becomes secret, which in turn invites the repressive Police State's surveillance program.  The regime keeps watch on what its oppressed citizens say and communicate, and keeps track of their associates and movements.
Repressive state surveillance can be overt and covert or both but can be targeted or massive.  It can be carried out by a civilian network like our village Local Councils (L.C) and Crime Preventers.  It can be by the regime's agencies - the Police and secret services, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) or by commercial corporations like mobile phone companies.  Both UCC and NIRA are an extension of Museveni's regime intelligence network.
Target surveillance is carried out on specific individual persons, places and objects and organisations.  It can be carried out covertly (secretly) or overtly (publicly) using methods like interception of communication, collection of communication traffic data from phone companies, visual surveillance devices and devices that sense movements of objects and persons.  Electronic tagging, targeted computers, internet, mobile phone, social media, residences, hotels, conference halls, cars, etc.  The other day Dr. Besigye discovered a surveillance device that the regime had fixed in his car.
Mass surveillance also known as "passive" or "undirected" gathers information and images for possible future use.  Use of CCTV and databases like it is the case in the ongoing scheme to fix CCTV cameras in all urban centres and the re-registration of SIM cards and the national ID is a classic example of mass surveillance.  In civilised countries, it helps fight terrorism, crime, prevents social unrest, protects   national security, fights child pornography, etc. though it limits civil and political rights while at the same time it limits privacy.  Under Museveni's Uganda, it is designed to monitor and suppress political dissent.
Ill-motivated mass surveillance scheme leads to a situation of an Electronic Police State whereby the repressive regime uses electronic technologies to record, collect, store, organize, analyse, search,
and distribute information about its citizens.  Uganda is heading for massive government surveillance of landline and cellular telephone traffic, mail, Emails, Web surfing, internet searches, radio and other forms of electronic communication as well as widespread use of video surveillance.  The Museveni regime has upgraded its electronic surveillance technology - thus it is trying to match it with the citizens’ database through rigorous re-registration exercise of SIM cards and National ID. 
The repressive regime will deliberately make its citizens know that it runs a mass surveillance program so that it instills fear and suspicion and the consequential self censorship while its powerful coercive Police Force takes center stage.
The Museveni regime already has in place the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the development of a Police State/Surveillance State/Electronic Police State.  The Ministry of Information Communication techinologies (ICT), The Interception of Communications Act, The National Identification and Registration Agency (NIRA), The Public Order Management Act (POMA), The Uganda Communication
Commission (UCC), Registration of Persons Act, a rubber stamp parliament, client phone companies, cadre Judges, regime Police, regime secret services, regime militias and others are the pillars of the program. 
Through covert hacking, the regime will be able to collect, remove and add digital evidence to/from private devices of citizens without knowledge of owners.  With such data, the regime will be able to disrupt, misdirect, discredit, foster internal dispute in the opposition or smear dirt on their activities especially the leaders.

#Education is key to development - respect the #Teacher #Uganda @StateHouseUg

Today our WhatsApp group brought up education, a subject which we find fascinating. Someone mentioned the Nilotic English Books.  Not sure if I read them though given my broken story of education but how is your own Minister of Education anyway?  Like me she also dropped out of school.  School is not for everyone.  More so if you marry the president and appoints an illiterate for a Minister of Education, the backbone of a developing country.
In our days, Mrs. Masette used to read for us a silly book.  "The man in a coat takes his goat in a coat to market to buy a coat for his goat".
I have no idea how many of us were that stupid.  We had market days in Bududa (used to be Manjiya Country" and we had Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday.
Imagine a bunch of idiots trecking to all the markets (long walks or more like running for hours) to see which fool was bringing a goat to market to buy a coat for goat.
Then one time she said we had to germinate.  We did not know we only had to put the beans or maize in a cup or glass of water and watch them germinate.  So most of us went home and asked for a bit of land to germinate our seeds for our school assignments.
Parents were not easy that time because most ended up making us plant real food in real soil to watch it grow. So every day after school, we run home and go check on our experiments.  Then we fetch water in jerry cans to water our seeds to ensure they germinate.  We did not have mobile phones or we could have taken pictures and videos.
Imagine some 3 weeks later, these things grew.  You go to check on your patch and the damn beans and maize have risen out of the ground.  It was awe!  Then they grew up.  You have never seen such learning when a child harvests their beans or maize.  Later we graduated to planting carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and things like onions. That is how farmers were grown.  That is how children learned.
Today you take land away from families.  You do not pay teachers.  You do not provide great books.  You teach silly things like Chinese or claim you are gonna do it and watch your kids graduate barely literate and then lament about how they are being sold to Arabs as slaves.  BUT what do you do about it?
A country which destroys education and disrespects teaches will pay a price for generations. Great teachers made you who you are.  WHY do you not fight for the teachers' rights, good pay and put books in all the schools and encourage reading and learning?  Uganda is a predominantly Agricultural country and yet you never thought that EDUCATION is key to Agriculture.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Respect the teacher - Education is a passion

#Uhuru #Kenyatta in historic visit to KDF in #Somalia

Thursday, April 20, 2017

#Cameroon's English-speaking minority angry over perceived domination of ...

#Cameroon's English-speaking minority angry over perceived domination of ...

#Cameroon's English-speaking minority angry over perceived domination of ...

West #Cameroon leader warns dictator Paul #Biya about cessation.

A Francophone MP from #Cameroon ruling party talks truth about the Anglop...

DP suspends Nambooze for 90 days - #Uganda

DP has been a predominantly Buganda party and it makes no sense that they chose an Anyanya to be their president.  Norbert Mao suspends Hon. Betty Nambooze.  Just when you think you have seen it all this Acholi shows up and stabs you in the ribs.
How many of you Baganda remember Mao (not Hon and never) returning from sijui Malaria or Pneumonia or bad belly ache from Nairobi and he went on a tirade trashing Hon. Lord Mayor Lukwago? Then he was all over media trashing our beloved President Dr. Kizza Besigye?  That was in 2015.  Norbert used words that I am now rather proficient at and hit at opposition day in and day out.
This man could not even vote for himself but supposedly he has a Diploma from LDC and did not bother to read the regulations.
This year this man also attacked FDC and claimed that he preferred to vote for NRM for EALA.  You then have to wonder who he is in bed with.  It does not matter that his mother was a Munyankole.  Actually maybe this matters.  Mao has been nothing but a stumbling block for opposition.  You think it is just DP but when a Harvard trained professional like him takes on the real intellectuals, you need to believe that President Yoweri Museveni was right when he said that this term will be #KisanjaHakunaOpposition.
Baganda were all over social media complaining about Mengo demolishing a Love Beach.  Do they know what just happened?
Mao only appears for 5 seconds in A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE.  His people were killed.  Hundreds upon hundreds and if he were to insist and demand for forensic experts to show up, the world would learn that over a million were killed in Gulu / Acholi.  I think he is an Acholi too.  He never fought for his people.  Not once except for PHOTO OPs.  You try that shit on Bugisu and you will eat a monkey and get ebola.  People like Mao are a nuisance.  When you cannot stand up when your people are being killed you have no moral authority to suspend a great person like our beloved Hon. Betty Nambooze.
Was Nambooze suspended because she speaks up loud and clear about the regime and injustice to Ugandans?  I dare Mengo to come out and now defend their own.  WAIT, they still did not fight for the poor kids in the Kayunga riots.  Neither did they protest against the tombs being burned down and recently I hear they have given Lubiru to some Indian who we shall naturally chase out soon and BAGANDA were all over a Gheto Love Beach but did not protest for their Lubiri being given away?  Thank goodness I am no longer a Muganda for it would break my heart to go to Kabembe and face my grand parents and tell them I ain't a Muganda.
If you go into Mukono, most everyone sings praises of Hon. Betty Nambooze.  Only a few do not like her but they are very STUPID so do not pay attention to them.
In 2015 Nambooze opposed a fuel station from being constructed in the city centre, next to Seeta High.  She was labeled against development. This is actually the first time I ran into her.  She was all over the news.  No idea why even that was a news worthy item but she said very clearly that a fuel centre next to a school and the trading was a very bad idea and she was right.  How many of you have ever seen a fuel station go up in flames.  This was such common sense it made no sense to even argue about it.  Fuel stations have tanks underground which feed the pumps.  If there is an explosion at the tank the fire might feed into the reserviours underground and all of a sudden you have shops, schools and everything going up in flames.  Most countries now put fuel stations out of heavily populated areas and yet the geniuses in Uganda wanted it in a very heavily populated area.
For a fact we know that Mao would have approved a fuel station in Gulu because his brain got fried with malaria, pneumonia or was it a bad stomach ache.  Norbert Mao has nothing on Hon. Betty Nambooze.  The latter will die for her people.  The former is chicken.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Staff Infrastructure Analyst, Exxonmobil Business Support Centre Canada

Why #oil price will not shoot up because of #OPEC

Most oil producers bank on high oil prices. Saudi Arabia has the lowest cost to produce a barrel of oil ($8.95) and yet their budget needs oil to be at $105 a barrel.
Here is where it gets interesting. The top pic shows OPEC countries. You do not see USA or Canada on that list. Russia is not OPEC but they also need prices to go up and reason why they agree with OPEN to cut down production. The danger with OPEC cutting down production without securing an agreement with USA and Canada is because these two countries can ramp up production and fill every gap of OPEC cut backs.
If you look at both images, Venezuela needs oil to be at $117.5 to balance their budget. Oil closed around $53 yesterday and the chart says it is gonna follow gravity. Brent Oil has crossed into Bear Market Territory so strap your seat belts because it is gonna be a wild ride.
It would be prudent for OPEC to negotiate with President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to sign onto the cuts. But who is talking to who and who is not talking? Failing this you will see Oil go Hit and Miss. Most oil and energy traders and investors know that USA and Canada have massive deposits of oil and natural gas. 
Then of course we have the African countries who can only break even on production at $50 to $65 a barrel and if you look at their inflated budgets, most of them need their budgets balancing in the neighbourhood of $150 and of course naturally expect AMERICA to pay for their oil activities which by now you know that President Trump will not pay for.
When countries like Uganda which are predominantly Agriculture land grab and people cannot grow food for their families or the city markets (some which have been demolished), banking on oil, we have a problem.
I would like to point the world to the current situation in the Oil of Uganda.  We have thousands of families who were evicted off their land and are living in IDP camps (Internally Displaced People).  We do not have a refinery.  We also do not have an Oil Pipeline.  
Heritage Oil exited Uganda.  Tullow this year sold everything to TOTAL and Total will soon exit (oh yes they will).  Then in the end we will have CNOOC (a Chinese company) and if you have never done any business with China, then go learn how to use chop sticks and enjoy your noodles.  Uganda gave CNOOC production licensese before Tullow and Total, both companies which invested a lot in the oil business in Uganda.
You might also want to know that Uganda's budget is balanced at $168 a barrel.  So far from where oil is trading.  Furthermore, Heritage Oil and Tullow are ramping up production of oil in Kenya and have a combined stored barrels of something like 130,000 and this is for when Kenya starts formally exporting in June 20147.
Heritage Oil and Tullow offered to build a refinery at their cost to process 20,000 barrels a day soon after the oil had been discovered in 2006. Uganda govt pushed back and demanded for a refinery of 100,000 barrels a day and of course using their good looks.
Some 11 years later and Uganda does not have a refinery.  As a matter of fact, the refinery being negotiated currently with the likely funder being China will go in 2 phases.  The first phase will be for 30,000 barrels with expected ready to operate in 2022.  Then the second phase for 30,000 barrels is supposed to be in place by 2030.  ALL this is going to be on money lent by EXIM to CNOOC and Chinese contractors to do all the work since Uganda does not have Engineers to build roads or refineries.
Did you get all that?  Heritage Oil and Tullow would have had a paid refinery by them many years ago.  It does not hurt that the price of oil will be in the dumps!
Martha Leah Nangalama
Staff Infrastructure Analyst, Exxonmobil Business Support Centre, Canada.
I hold Oil shares in IMO and XOM.  All opinions are mine and have never or will never reflect anyone else except the sinner here. 

How we can make crops survive without water | Jill Farrant - #Africa #Famine #Drought

Rose Goslinga: Crop insurance, an idea worth seeding - #Africa #Famine

Denis Wabuyi wrote about insurance and we used this TED talk to try and this was in 2016 and our people in Uganda pay attention.

Uganda is going through a drought and famine.  Yet the government orders SHOOT TO KILL for people who dare go out to line up for free donated food.  If this is not preposterous, then what is?

We watch you reaching out to refugees and yet you will not feed us Ugandans.  What are you thinking?  Must Uganda keep invading the neighbouring countries in order to continue the influx of rif rafs you claim are refugees when you actually funded Museveni to invade these countries and keep his army in those countries?  Have you not thought?  #UgandaLivesMatter

Martha Leah Nangalama


Proudly Canadian born in Uganda

Are single men luckier than married men in #Uganda?

Issue #27
Before I retract my soul to the lucid interval and qualify for sentencing I need to have a go at married colleagues that keep hitting at us and alleging how we unmarried people are lucky and without problems (call them responsibilities).
Give us a break, did we push you to the altar, bar or wherever you met your spouse?
Before you even think of leaving your spouse to join us who are single and allegedly contented by the way there are some basics that you need to note;
While you buy a bunch a matooke, egoobe, beans and meat at 50000 to take you through a week with your family that is the very amount we spend five times over a weekend when we take our take our Chics and her galmates to Speenar in Entebbe or Eltanjia of Mbale.
If you have ever experienced the excruciating pain of treating gonorrhoea or syphilis, then you will never admire being with no “bonk mate” as Red Pepper puts it. In Mbale we now proudly boast of new and strange diseases like kisununu, enziku, kabotongo, kisipi and the deadly indwasi.
These diseases are generously delivered to us through our sexual networks whose signals are always clear but often intercepted by married people in form of sugar daddies and sugar mummies. If you only knew the cost and pain of treating these monster diseases, you could not admire us. Worst of all, it is you married couples that supply these strange diseases to our campus babes with the lure of niceties. The only consolation is that whenever you give them a new ride, they offer us a lift, when you buy for them flat screens, they dispose their old century belly TV sets to us. In the same spirit, when you give them kabotongo, they also share it with us.
One time I was told a story of one guy from Busiu who could spend half a day in the loos (the truth is that they are not loos but rather the backyard) just to pass urine. He would be injected with a 4”-inch syringe to pass that heavy dose of whatever medicine they use to treat kisununu (a rare sexually transmitted Disease that was spread by the workers of Dot Construction Company when they were making the Tororo-Soroti road. By the way those guys were heartless to make a road that could not last the same years they used to make it).
Back to kisununu person; whenever he was injected with that strong dose, it would take him 3 hours to move the leg on the injected “buttock”
I wish you could stop the ridicule of single ladies because some of you know the pain of procuring an abortion which is illegal in Uganda and all the condemnation, stigma, “mataquating”, “gerrymandering” (Place them in context) that is subjected to one who commits it even under justifiable circumstances.
Whereas you people have dependants, we the singles have parasites. These ones that we have don’t come but to steal, kill and destroy. I do not need to tell you how many mansions have been eaten away by girlfriends and boyfriends from Nandos, Steers, Antonio’s and the swanky super markets if we equated every outing to a bag of cement or iron bar. Do not think that our knowing of those places is because we are hoteliers or have any experience in catering but rather because we spend more on fast foods than we do at Aristoc and the hardware shops. Those birthday gifts we buy frequently is not in celebration of our mothers, wives or children but because our various girlfriends/concubines have decided to celebrate persistent anniversaries.
While you enjoy free intimacy from your spouses, we have to pay highly for a chance to even get a hug or even a smear of a woman’s lipstick on our jackets.
If you only knew how many times I reel with pain when I attend a function and they offer you a seat before me, you could not say we are better. I remember last year at Janet’s wedding reception when they made me relinquish my front seat because the front seats were meant for couples. It could not be anything much if I had not missed the cake which ended just one line before where I was seated. Nothing hurts much like missing a cake.
Married women should give us a break. Do you know how many times you ladies are favored when you go for antenatal with your spouses? Do you think that the singles enjoy the hard-wooden benches while you jump queue just because you moved with your man? Do you think that the single ladies who get pregnant don’t carry the same weight in their belly so that you sway your pair of buttocks past them just because you moved with your "bonk mate"?
Do I even need to tell you the words that we have to put up with from our elderly sengas who keep insisting that we have probably been bewitched and the kojas who think that the sheep actually knocked us over (yatomelwa endiga)?
So, next time you open your mouth to say we don't have responsibilities, you should know that we don't only look after our spouses and children like you do, we have a whole bunch of concubines to mind, we have those sneaking high school girls that we elope with and when we need sex we have to pay handsomely to the patrons at Nandutu on Naboa Road then hire lodges at 5000 in the "United States of Adra" in Maluku.
Some married women should be lucky that their husbands apologize if you caught them with the beautiful maid; these boyfriends never apologize, especially after learning that the number of women has surpassed that of men.
Next time I find someone saying single life is better, I will make sure that I seduce your husband and offer him to one girl I know of who only dates married men. If you’re a man, I will tell you to eat a raw monkey as Leah Nangalama says.

#Education #Teaching is the most noble job in the world - #Uganda

One time Bududa Primary School set up a policy to teach girls not to be shy around boys.  All of a sudden there was boy on the right side and boy on the left side on my desk.

Boys are truly very disgusting.  They used to pinch and punch.  Then tantrums.  Until I met the best teacher in the world.

In Ugandan schools BEATING kids is a must.  But Mrs. Joyce Masette never ever beat.  I actually learned about this in Canada when Ingrid at Grace Church Daycare told the boys to stop beating up Rebecca.  She said "you have a mouth, use it".

The world's best teacher said "boys do not like to talk and will use their fists.  But stop crying like a baby.  Use your mouth.  Do well.  Make them envy your grades". Of course then there was talking like a radio but a lot of beatings till I realised that giving them copies of my exam grades was easier.  You are sitting in between 2 boys who will beat you up after school.  So you place your test / exam sheet clearly in view to avoid a beating on the way from school no matter how fast you can run if you have short legs.

In 2000 when we flew home and went to that school, we met Mrs. Masette in my first class P1 (Grade 1).  Rebecca was in total shock that she was meeting my first formal teacher (Nelson, Tabisa and Stephen had home schooled me before school).  Then the kid is looking at the teacher and paying attention.  She then whispers "mommy, why is the teacher teaching about the colours of the rainbow using chalk on a black board?  It would be better if she could give them colouring paper and crayons".

Shortly after, we walked to the truck and low and behold we had books and crayons for all the kids. Then the next thing was no shoes.  The driver was very frightened.  He followed us into the classroom and said "madam, she better put on shoes or she will get jiggers".  Kid looks at him and says "do they have jiggers?  Because I also want to get jiggers".

Then these older kids run to us saying someone is sick..there is someone being carried to the hospital.  I told Mrs. Masette "I better go check because it could be father".  By this time we had distributed all the school supplies from P1 to P7 and the material for the teachers.  Then Betty.  She was also a teacher at the school.  She is screaming "mzee mzee".  So Rebecca, Thierry and I jump into the truck and the driver slams the gas and we are at Bududa Hospital.

Have you ever watched your beloved die in front of your own eyes?  I did.  It is unforgetable.  Then the burial is still a maze.  I was sleep walking.  Had to fly back for work.  Sent a fax to my manager and all was okay.  The leg from Entebbe to Paris could not be changed.  The leg from Paris to Toronto was changed.  I remember my parents in law picking us up from CDG and I was mute. Of course their son and grand daughter were talking about South Africa, Kenya and Uganda but I had lost my voice.  Then Denise (my mother in law) finally clued in that something was not right.  That is when their son told them "her father died and we just buried him yesterday before catching the flight".

Human pain can be so deep and last forever.  I have looked many many times of why Bududa Hospital had no medication to lower Blood Pressure and I still find only one blame. The road was so bad we could not even take father to Mbale hospital where his primary care giver was waiting and our driver was dying for us to hit the road seeing how frantic I was.  Then no ambulance.  Lois and her husband hired a private ambulance to go to Bududa Hospital to take father to Mbale Hospital.  The road was so bad that by the time they go there, he was dead.

That day, I had taken my husband and my daughter back to Mbale but stayed up because something did not feel right but Lois was in charge so it could have been worse.  At 4:00AM, a star fell from the sky. At 4:05am my brother Wanga called and as soon as I answered, I said "Dad just died, right?"  My father who had dedicated 25years in the EAC community on behalf of Uganda died just like that.  Neither Dr. Obote nor Gen. Amin would not have let him die.  As a matter of fact, I had head surgery in that same hospital where my father died.

I want Ugandans to remember this forever.  I had even dropped out of school to care for my father's medical bills. I remember yelling at the nurse "why not put him on an IV and inject the medication to lower his blood pressure" and the nurse was very polite "we do not have the equipment or the injectible medication".  I then yelled at father as he was struggling to breath "but papa, they opened my head here and I am okay, you are going to be okay too.  Let me go find the doctor".

THEN "mayi naramile khuluwutsu, khukhawutsi khafiti. Inzya khufa. Ukhalira tta.  Nenga ukhebilila ingo tta.  Ukhebilila tta."

In 2015 we had the 15th anniversary of our father's death.  That is when Mrs. Masette died.  It was incredible how she timed her death. Far too many of us were going for the death anniversay and ended up burying this phenomenal teacher who has taught clan after clan, generation after generation to this day we still carry her teaching in our hearts.  Perhaps teaching is the next option.

Some things Ugandans do not know about Mzee Daniel Nangalama is that he was a teacher.  He taught in Nairobi, Arusha and Nakawa.  Telecommunications. An apple does not fall too far from the tree.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Uganda is not serious about health care. Had father joined NRM, he would have been flown out of the country but he never did and neither will I ever.  He died to leave a strong mark on Uganda to tell us that others also matter. You would have liked him and you will never meet anyone who knows him that did not like him.  Man of the people.  He lives in me.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Terrible mistake to think #America is in #wars for #oil - #Uganda @StatehouseUg @KagutaMuseveni

It might have been the case in the past but it is no more.
As much as we hate the United States of Africa (USA), believe it or not they are not waging wars for oil. 
USA and Canada have massive oil and natural gas deposits so claiming that they are in Uganda for oil which is still in the ground is nothing short of a joke.  Then many Ugandans are on record all over FBzero claiming that USA is in South Sudan for oil.  If they put up an argument for DRCongo, I would agree because that country has minerals galore.
USA is in wars for selling ammunition and fighter jets.  So is Canada which no one pays attention to.  Bombardier no longer sells trains and passenger jets...a bit but not too much.  You should read up on how much money Canada made selling fighter jets and armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia to blow Yemen to smithereens.
USA believes in democracy and never blame them for the Arab Spring.  They just hate seeing despots killing their own citizens and then will drop some 59 Tomahawk missiles on you or just plain see your nuclear tests go up in smoke.  Ask North Korea.
Why the world must resist USA aggression is because they hold a double standard.  For far too long America has built up and supported dictators and perhaps that is the reason why the world is angry and terrorists are all over the place.  America will build you up and then watch you crumble.  Uganda's dictator President Yoweri Museveni is very intelligent but a very poor student of history.  He should consult with Sadam Hussein and Gadafi.
We now get Bloomberg reports (if you do not follow me on Twitter, that is your risk @mlnangalama) and OPEC is going for another cut.  Listen up oil investors, USA and Canada are not in OPEC.  Two years ago when oil was in the dumps, many rigs were shut down.  For every barrel that OPEC cuts back, Canada and USA will open up another rig.
Oil can no longer be the biggest driver because most oil producing countries are run by dictators and the oil money goes into off shore accounts of the people in power.  Meanwhile countries which care about their people like Norway or Canada will use the oil money to pay for schools, roads, hospitals and research.  Africa has a very poor record of using oil money for the people.  Case in point might be Nigeria.  Worse, Angola or Congo.  Then the hurry come up Uganda.
Have you seen what is going on in Venezuela but even Saudi Arabia is privatising their airports to defer from oil dependence.  Kenya alone has hundreds of barrels of oil stocked up for when they start exporting in June 2017.  Uganda is still scamming potential investors to the point where Heritage Oil walked away to cut losses and this year Tullow did the same.  Both companies are laughing in Kenya though.  That is what you get for hiring IDIOTS to run a major resource company or a school drop out to run your ministry of ICT.
Back to why Oil will hang in the $50s or at best touch $60 is because of fracking. USA and Canada will beat down any price you throw at them for having first of all too much oil and then for fracking.  In fact when it comes to attacking USA for oil, remember we give them the keys to drill in Canada with no fight as long as they love Hockey.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Conflict of interest: I have only worked for an oil company since I graduated so my opinions might be biased and I own shares in oil I do not care to see their value dropping because with each drop, I can buy more shares cheaper. 

Bullies need to be stopped immediately and put in their place -@Potus @StateHouseUg @KagutaMuseveni @IGPUganda @JustinTrudeau @UPDFspokesman

Grown ups can learn a lot from kids.

In 2006 when Mini got on the school bus, she had been talking to her older sister about STUFF.  She announced upon getting on the bus "My name is Natasha.  I am 5yrs old.  If anyone bullies my sister I will beat them up".  Her sister was age 9yrs old.  So no kid bullied Rebecca till one smart pants tried it on Natasha and that boy will live to remember.  Rheal has many stories to tell about driving both kids to and back to school.

She used psychology to scare and warn bullies on her and her sisters.

When President Yoweri Museveni killed Acholi, no one thought to stop him.  He went on to kill many in DRC, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda.  Because when you give a bully a foot, they move a mile. To this day, no one has stopped the bully and in fact the world is so afraid of Museveni that he gets away with massacres like last year's #Kasese.  No one thought about a bully getting more bullish.

During President Donald Trump's political campaign, he threatened Muslims, women, lgbti and all sorts of immigrants.

I am on record for saying that if Canada did not stand with Mexico, there would be a price to be paid.  Also on record for saying that first he was banning Muslims and then...

As it is now, anyone who looks none white and flying into US is not only looked at as an originator from the original 7 banned countries.  When Trump put restrictions on the airlines which were bringing such rif rafs into the USA, all the airlines should have gone on strike and stopped flying into the USA.

As I write this, apparently, no laptops or iPads are allowed on planes.  It started in USA because of those original 7 countries.  BUT a bully always moves a mile when given a foot.  Now apparently many airlines do not allow devices on planes except phones.  WHICH if you think about it is very stupid because phones are now more powerful than computers and can trigger off things which are in belly cargo.

How Trump wins is we even had 2 MPs in Ottawa putting out silly things like immigrants.  Canada is a country of immigrants but do not even pay attention to that because we shall all soon be growing weed.

Canada should have stood up with Mexico and against the Muslim ban.  This week, Trump is in the media with an assault on Diary Farmers.  They should also remember the car assault.  So you look at farmers now facing a trade war with USA.  If Canada cannot even fight this trade war, imagine what will happen to the other countries who trade with USA.

Personally, I like Trump.  I love the man like you have any idea.  In 100 days he has put all despots and dictators on notice.  He pulled US out of the Museveni war in CAR to hunt for elusive Kony.

He authorised a major assault on Somalia rif raf rag tag militia.  He demanded that UN MUNISCO funding in DRC be cut back by 25%.

He is telling Kim Jong how things will work.

Make no mistake about bullies.  Today you think the bully is after your lunch and pocket change, kesho he will be after your guns.

Well done President Donald Trump.  By the way, we could use some of those Tomahawks in Uganda on State House and Parliament and then we will all #MakeUgandaGreatAgain.

Many thanks to Japan for pulling out of Museveni's war in South Sudan and to Hon. Theresa May for flying in British troops to deal with that crisis.

While the world was asleep, dictator Museveni invaded every neighbouring country and caused wars in The Great Lakes Region of Africa more than it is recorded in History.  You funded all his wars. Time to clean up the mess.  History will judge you very harshly and will write me down for having told you of the genocides and massacres in Uganda and the surrounding countries which were invaded by your "partner for security in Africa" whom you all now know that is a brutal killer.

Here is a replay of  the #Kasese Massacre in case you missed it.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Proudly Canadian born in Uganda

Pavarotti & Friends Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On

Awangale kabaka - where are youth from #KayungaRiots #Uganda

Awangale Kabaka. Awangale.
I think this is what Gheto guy guy said after lamenting for his Love Beach being demolished by Mengo.

Awangale Kabaka.  Then if you ask them about the youth from the Kayubga riots, you better not be a Munamawanga.

Do not even ask them why Rwandese are now the biggest land owners in Buganda. Awangale Kabaka.

Never mind that their schools were also demolished and their markets like Owino.  Awangale Kabaka.

Now they pine for land grabbing and high school fees after they even watched their own cooperatives get destroyed.

Of course some will say the best schools are in Buganda.  But can you afford them?  Dr. Milton Obote may have been right. A good Muganda is a dead one.

The biggest tribe did not only stop at calling us banamawanga.  They sold out their own people.

Baganda watch their elders and business people mudered and only say RIP, Awangale Kabaka.

 There is stupid and then there is STUPID.

Martha Leah Nangalama (aka Namutebi)

Not angry yet. Lubiri and Kayunga lest you forget.

#Uganda must embrace search engines like @Google

I was a Yahoo brat till one day when I told Mini I was gonna auction her off on eBay.

When I returned from work and asked how she felt about her being sold off, she replied "It is illegal to sell kids in Canada.  I Googled it".  She was 6yrs old.

Fast forward and one Adam Luzindina Buyinza is in WhatsApp groups saying I had divorced my husband Daniel Nangalama to work as a prostitute on the streets of Winnipeg Manitoba.

Had he used Google he would have found all the articles I have written about my father Daniel Nangalama and the fact that I have never lived in Manitoba nor worked as a hooker.

I asked him to apologize and he has never done so.  As much as I love and respect JPAM, he had no chance in hell.  Even JPAM could have protected my reputation but did he even try?  What about all his youth who were arrested and some killed?

Granted, even if I were to choose to divorce my own father and go into hooking at least I was raised by a great man.  And hooking pays better than fighting for Uganda.

When Ugandans attacked me including my own family, most forgot that I had flown their own nieces home with the girls' father.

Choose to hate but you will never escape Karma.

Now Uganda Poor Youth are all over Morrison Rwakakamba.  Poor beggars should use Google to know what a PhD from Havard or even a Masters in Information from University of Toronto!
Martha Leah Nangalama

Opposition must stop hiring idiots to speak for our people or you will live to regret it.

#Uganda's former president Obote said a good #Muganda is a dead one

I now pity the Baganda who used to sing Awangale Ssabasajja and the Katiriko Charles Peter Mayiga. I remember the passion and solidarity with which Buganda defended the collection of etoffali despite of the fact that it was money being collected without accountability.

After the years of trekking the world collecting the money to "revive Buganda" it all now seem like they were merely brooding a snake because the Buganda Institution has now been empowered by Museveni to impoverish their own.

They first came for etoffali, the poor people gave them their hard earned money.

Then Peter Mayiga went to a place either in Sembabule or somewhere and grabbed land from numerous peasant Baganda and used his Kanyamas to terrorize them.

They then formed and used something called Nkuluze or whatever to evict people who have stayed on lands for decades in the pretext of reclaiming Kabaka's land. Now that they know that you have been successfully impoverished and with no where to sleep, the Kabaka and Katiriko sought President's blessing to hold his birthday celebrations.

But surely Abaganda Ani eyabaloga to continue kowtowing for Mutebi. Don't you know that you're on your own? If you're arguing ask Mr Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu or the youth who were arrested in 2009 for protesting the refusal of Kabaka from visiting Bugerere.

My friends from Buganda need to awake from this slumber and see how much they are being exploited. You are selling your land to Banyarwanda in exchange for motorcycles, the same Rwandese have gangsters called Kifeesi. Soon as you reach Kampala with your new bodaboda they hire the goons to rob you of it.

In other words they give you with the left hand and take back with the right. In the end you lost the land and the motorcycle. Tell me where Baganda will be after 20 years? They shall either be in Butabika, Kampiringisa or the morgue or 6" fit under the ground.

Your strength in numbers is being used to massively clear you off and the Kabaka is being used as the pauper to deliver this!

Author identity with held

Prince of Egypt - All I Ever Wanted/Let My People Go #Uganda

I will send the plague and the pests - #Uganda

Mbale confirms invasion of Army Worms attacking Maize
This is only a conspiracy theory but I am becoming rather good at this. 
In the Disney movie of The Prince of Egypt, when Prince Moses returned to Egypt to ask Prince Ramses to LET MY PEOPLE GO, Ramses said he would never let the Israelites go.  This is a great movie you should watch it as it is now available online for free.
Prince Moses then told his brother Prince Ramses "I will send the plague, I will send pestilences till you let my people free". 
Prince Ramses then looked in his older brother's eyes and said "I WILL NEVER LET YOUR PEOPLE GO".
Somewhere there between siblings (siblings can fight like you even have any idea) and says "All the first born sons will die".  Then Prince Moses says "Non non, do not say that".
Soon after pass over, Prince Ramses is crying over his first born son who had just died. Then Moses appears and says "do not unleash what is about to come on your people, my people.  LET MY PEOPLE GO".

Again Prince Ramses says "I WILL NEVER LET YOUR PEOPLE GO".
Not soon after, the rivers were filled with blood.  Locusts were attacking everyone.  People were dying dead like there was only one way to explain it.  LET MY PEOPLE GO!
Of course the above is dramatization but Moses parted the river and Ramses chased his older brother across a river and the river parted for Moses to deliver his people to a dessert.  I do not remember what happened in the dessert but I think that Moses did not take his people to the promised land and Egypt was left missing the former slaves.
Now you say that Uganda has got pestilences, diseases and all sorts of snakes, monkeys, roberries, murders, theft, etc...  AND the question still remains "WHY DO YOU NOT LET MY PEOPLE GO" and return to the bush because Leopards and Hyenas belong in the jungle?  You just wait till we put you in cages in Entebbe Zoo. 
Martha Leah Nangalama
If you like my jokes, remember that I write about very serious things sometimes.  This one is very serious.  If President Yoweri Museveni does not let the people go, you will be dealing with more than army worms in your maize.  NDIWULIRA

John Lennon - #Imagine

#Ugandans must stop accepting selective #Justice

First they killed Acholi and you did not speak up because you were not a Munamawanga or Anyanya.

Then they destroyed health care and you did not speak up because you never get sick.

They sold all the Parastatals and you did not speak up because your parents did not educate you with good salaries from being civil servants.  After all they had land and cows to sell to send you to affordable good schools.

They then diluted education and now sell university graduates as slaves.

Then the land grabbing and taking away your cows.

You did not speak up because your land was secure and no one could take away your cows as was done in Karamoja and Teso.

Fast forward and they started to demolish schools but you did not speak out because you could still send your kids to King's College or St. Mary's Kisubi or Gayaza or Namilyango or Namagunga.

In all this you had forgotten that killing the civil service would mean that only a minority would afford quality education.

They soon sold your UCB and Cooperative Bank as well as Uganda Airlines but you did not speak up because you bank in Diamond Gold Trust or Greenland and soon those banks fell.

You also thought that the fall of Uganda Airlines was a none issue since you could fly British Airways.

Much later they came after mini skirts and undressed our mothers and sisters in public.  You did not speak out because you hate mini skirts.

The Public Order Management Bill (Pomb) was being passed but all you paid attention to were Mini skirts.

Then they went after Gays and many of you celebrated and lost sight of the diversion and the POMB.

Then Bundibugyo massacre with mass graves but you are not from Bundibugyo.

They killed your Muslim Clerics but you are Christian so that was not your issue.

They then gave free pigs in Busoga who harbour jiggers and you are not a Musoga.  But apparently now jiggers are all over the place.

They then slaughtered hundreds in Kasese and you were left in shock.

Since the Kasese massacre, they have closed thousands of affordable schools.

Then kicked street vendors off the streets, burned markets, evicted people from Owino.

They also closed the Ivory Tower but you did not scream loud because you send your kids to Universities abroad.

Land grabbing continues unabated.

They gave contracts to Chinese and some raped your daughters to the point where World Bank had to suspend funding.

Do not forget your Generals who keep dying, your magistrates and business people.  Mind you even your diplomats die in bathrooms in airports or drop dead getting off the plane.

You send people abroad for medical treatment and they still return in caskets in Belly Cargo.

They stole your 2016 elections and you all went into Kamooli.

If you are hungry, go eat cake.

Dr. Kizza Besigye is the most arrested man ever and yet when FDC prayers were banned no cleric, pastor or priest put up a fight.

When 67 bodies of young opposition kids washed up on Lake Victoria beaches, you went about your business.

When 200+ UPDF were killed in Somalia you remained mute as only 9 bodies were flown home.

So today you complain about your Sim Cards yet you did not talk before.

Your information is going to be given to the Telecom companies but who even cares since you do not understand about computer privacy, identity theft or cyber attacks.

You spoke out loudly when Dr. Stella Nyanzi talked about matako and tiny vagina.  Did you have to wait till she got arrested? Word out of Uganda is that she was picked up in the night by UPDF but this is a story to be verified.

Today your govt is in the news for giving sh.7B to tycoons.  Why not Owino?

Today govt is also in the news for the billions they will be spending on meals for parliament MPigs.

You lost key investors and now complain about Chinese and Indians who peddle in the country.  Not only that but your investors make better chapati than your now famous Rolex.

Selective justice works that way.  You are next.

The killings in Masaka have all the signs of the preamble before Kasese.  A man who loves his Kabaka very well is on record for lamenting about Mengo demolishing his Love Beach.

Whenever you see injustice done to anyone, raise your voice. Scream so loud that the echo of your words can be heard from The Mountains of The Moon all the way to Mount Masaba.  Any injustice you do not speak loudly about means you sanction the injustice and you are next.

I am on record for speaking out about the Injustice in Uganda and I have it all documented on the Internet.

Let me sign off you by wishing you Merry Xmas.  Your phone sim card might be blocked by December!

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Solid IT and business background.  You might want to also remember that father sent me to Namagunga on a civil servant salary when he was working for the defunct UPTL (Uganda Posts and Telecomunications)!