Wednesday, March 8, 2017



Patrick Kiwanuka was a prominent businessman and a good friend of Kabaka Mutebi.  Patrick was the Express Football club manager and owner of Kisozi land which Museveni calls his property now. Because of Kiwanuka's money and friendship with Kabaka, Museveni felt threatened by him and therefore he had to go six feet under.

His murder plot was carried out and orders from above were given to eliminate him. Patrick and his four colleagues were shot to death by NRA soldiers and a car accident was staged on Entebbe road. After they were shot to death their bodies were put inside a car and an accident was staged.

They were ambushed while returning from a football match at Entebbe football grounds. The police stated that another car was involved head on but no other car was shown or any accident victims  were admitted at Entebbe hospital or any other hospital.

After his death his Kisozi ranch was taken over by Museveni himself. Kiwanuka had allowed Museveni to use the ranch to meet with Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubaga during the war in 1983, to discuss the progress of the war and the peace accord with Lutwa in Nairobi.

Museveni's interest in Kisozi ranch originated from these meetings. In her book, Janet Museveni stated that they were poor and did not own any land in Uganda until her husband became president.

After Kiwanuka's death Museveni told his commanders that Kiwanuka had joined other bipinga, a term used to indicate the death of Baganda businessmen like Edward Mugalu and Baganda army officers in NRA.


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