Wednesday, March 8, 2017

When the rains come, it is a blessing in #Uganda

So I hope it rains on your graduation and wedding for this signifies that the gods are happy are showering you with water to plant a nice garden from which you shall feed all the children of the world.

It had been a dry season and even the well known Mutobokho who acted as our intecessor to the only true God we call Wele had failed to intervene for us on our village to get rain and plant food.

That guy hates me though because one time in our church at Namakhuli I called him a fake priest and told him he was gonna go to Gayena.

This particular time was special for me.  I had survived head suggery in Bududa hospital to remove a tumour from my brain so I was unstoppable.  Dude was busy telling people that were it not for his God, I would have died on the suggery table.  This is when I told him he was an idiot.  The freaking hospital had cancelled all surgery to operate on Leah whom no one dared to see die and here I am because the doctors were superb.

After a full recovery and back to running for 90 minutes to school (Nanyere PS now called Bududa PS), one mother one mother demarcated land for me to grow food.  It was more like preparing for a future farmer's wife but not too many young girls in our village get their own land to grow foos.

That challenge was awesome because I planted beans, maize, dodo and liboshe. Best garden ever.

So the rains became friends. Play in the rain and after school go weed the garden. Then the harvesting. Mayi umusoba did not allow me to give the fruits of my labour for free although I rather preferred it because the other option was to carry all my produce on my head to go sell it in Bushika market.

That is how you make a farmer. Sadly or nicely, school remained number one.

Today we read about no rain and people dying of hunger for lack of food and they do not even follow the drip irrigation.

Do you know how Brazil became a BRAC/ BRIC? They capitulated on Agriculture. In war or depression, people will do anything for food. Truly, a degree in any field when you do not acknowledge the human need for food is no degree to speak of.

So my pig suckling piggies is not a mistake.  Museveni feeds his piglets and then they show up saying neera neera Museveni awangale.  But do you have land?  Can you raise your own pigs on your land and stop begging?  I bet you cannot because you have never had a garden of your own and neither do you understand how much pigs eat.

Pigs are eating up Uganda. Beware of pigs because hungry pigs have no compassion.  They even eat their off spring.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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