Tuesday, March 14, 2017

UGANDA: What is the cost of development @KCCAUG

March 14, 2017 - Society's development is judged by how well it looks after its most vulnerable citizens.  People like the poor which are hated in Uganda and yet make up most of the society.  People like our elders who go without pensions.  Women who are now on sale for sh. 20,000 for a wife (New Vision ran a story where one can buy a wife from Busoga for a mere $5.50 a piece).  Disabled people many of whom we have in Uganda.

Children of whom we have many not attending school or eating or even the ones in school who have no school supplies or pads.  Soldiers in our army who are not paid and get persecuted and get court martialled in Kangaroo courts?  What about the Police who go with no pay, have no water, no food, no electricity or school fees for their kids and watch their only residences and little stalls that sell basic necessities being demolished by none other than their own.

Does development mean that we must silence voices of dissent who dare speak up against the injustices?

Is the development of Uganda so special that we have a PhD holder from Harvard with a medical degree say "government should not fix and equip hospitals because it will encourage people to get sick?".

Perhaps it means that we buy fancy cars and some of them SUVs consume too much fuel and drive on bad roads speeding and then land in Mbarara hospital which is not well equipped to handle trauma in what happened with one famous Agaba who used to be one of the enforcers for KCCA and on record for murder 2?

Is our development so special that we sanction corruption because it creates jobs or is it so special that we justify stealing tax payers' money and donor funds while protecting and giving leaway to poachers of the wonderful animals for which some tourists come to Uganda as if they have no monkeys or gorillas in their own zoos?

Perhaps our development justifies having baton wielding thugs beating up people on live camera or even maiming journalists and walking scot free?  Maybe it also means we can let murderers walk free and then even promote them after killing hundreds in Kasese under the guise of Yira Republic and militia so we parade naked women after we have butchered their relatives.

I may be mistaken but kicking vendors off the streets of Kampala without giving them a chance or a location for them to continue to earn a meagre income to feed their families, pay rent and school fees is not a concern.

Is our development so special that we give away forests and wetlands and then cry about droughts and climate change?

Perhaps we are doing so well that one not need worry about all the schools being shut down or those which were demolished because they were sub standard since kids can learn under mango trees.

We make a very big mistake to think that just because we are comfortable or making a good living the plight of those around us does not matter.  After all, we want Kampala completely clean and devoid of beggars, criminals, vendors and the rif raf since development comes with a price.

Perhaps development means getting rid of schools so that those who can afford it can send their kids to the ivy leagues of Uganda or schools like Budo, St. Mary's and those schools we all attended so that we could be on the Global Grid talking about how wonderful Uganda is doing and how far we have come over the last 31yrs and then the others who cannot feed their kids at home need to buy food flasks and pack hot meals or just go eat cake!

It might also mean that if you cannot afford to go into the public hospitals you just fly to Hamburg Germany to deliver a baby or fly to India for cancer treatment and return in belly cargo!  But you could also fly to Nairobi or UK and return half dead or dead or hopefully alive.  AND then one of the most influential medical doctors flew to Netherlands for treatment and still returned dead anyway.

So for all of us who are comfortable, I wanna remind you that for every Ugandan we raise money for to go for treatment abroad, we could raise more to equip our hospitals and pay our medics and have a fairer medical system that caters that will cater for your parents as well as those rif raf you dare not acknowledge exist.

Development means we help everyone to get a meaningful job or starts a business that will succeed.  But this is mute point since Arabs are buying slaves and we have 87% of our population willing to go so making a cool profit of sh. 8m or selling them for a low price of $2,500 justifies us sending our young women and women to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Oman or we can even send them to Thailand and Malaysia to work in brothels.  But China does it better. Learn to love China because God made Heaven and Earth and China made the rest.  Lest our kids get fooled into drug trafficking and end up dead!

KCCA is one of the worst organisations that has ever existed in Uganda.  KCCA has single handedly netted out a lot of suffering on Ugandans who dare think that kibuga Kampala is for everyone.  WAIT a bit, they even evict Baganda who own the land.  Oh my gosh!  What are we doing? You will remember this, they are coming for you next. SILENCE IS CONSENT!

Go ahead and build your modern arcades, malls, hotels and restaurants.  Build and build. Then one day when you realise that the occupancy rate is only 5-15%, do not say I did not tell you that when people have no spending power, your empires will remain unoccupied till the banks come calling for their loans and you end up in the news for your properties being auctioned off.

Goodbye Owino.  Bye bye ParkYard market.  Go line up at OPM to get your compensation cheque or go to Dubai where you can edge out a living in a dessert where you might end up rich or dead.

I am not against Development.  I am against the injustice of putting 50,000 families out of work while invading neighbouring countries and bringing in foreigners and then treating refugees better than our own.  Oh yes, refugees in Uganda have it better than Ugandans.  They freaking even make better chapatis and kasooli than us.  But had you probably not grabbed our land, we could still grow food and feed our families.

I hope the 77 DOGS get to you too and you buy Holly Rice, Holly Water and Holly Tea!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS: You might want to know that I have been writing about the injustices in Uganda for coming to 4yrs now and I am not stopping until all my people are fed, housed and cared for.  #AprilRevolution might happen.

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