Sunday, March 19, 2017

#Wamala's senseless murder #Uganda swept under carpet @PoliceUga @IGPUganda

Dear friend,

I wish I can find a way to explain my feelings. some people will never understand what it means to lose someone  the way Wamala lost his life. I prayed to God and asked him why they didnt use a gun to kill him. the sight of a stitched up neck, the stitches all around his face... all together 33 deep knife wounds, most of his fingers were  cut off and his arms Broken as he struggled to defend himself.  All of this because these people  wanted his property.

He had worked hard all his life having come from a very poor back ground. i have grown up so much in the last 5 years. i do not fear to die. but just like my late husband, i worry about the way i will leave this world.

 The words of the priest that led prayers on the day we buried him still echo in my ears. He cursed the people who had killed my husband. He came back and led prayers at the first memorial service a month later and he repeated those words. Those words gave me a lot of comfort to this day He quoted those words from the bible.... " He who kills by the sword will die by the sword" it is also estimated that the late Wamala was also murdered  between 8 and 9am.

It was a Friday morning. My heart feels as though it has been removed and replaced. But it feels as if it is now in the wrong place. I am numbed by the accuracy of the word of God. I am giving my life to God.  God keeps his word and his promises. I am not celebrating am just as shocked and suprised as everyone.....May God judge him with Kindness and forgiveness for everything that went wrong. Let us all remember that the difference is in the time, the year, the month to the minute of the day and the way or method. But we are all going to die. So let us treat each other with respect and dignity.      

It's extremely saddening that there is a gang that has the audacity to summarily kill anyone and go Scott free and nobody finds them.


  1. May they never know any peace! !! Eeh! Jojuogi gi? Heartless.

  2. Did Wamala's family know peace? Did Acholi know peace? Did Mukura know peace? Did Bugisu know peace? Most recently, did they not say that Kasese people deserved to die? Did Kayunga massacre know peace? Did Lake Victoria opposition youth "drowned" with torture wounds and bullets, broken necks know peace? DID anyone cry for Rwenzururu? Has the country held a mourning day for the #Kasese massacre? NO one shall know peace for our loved ones turn in their graves for being thrown in mass graves because their lives did not matter! Okay, let us watch you all cry about the lives who mattered as we still try to dig our people from mass graves. May thunder strike NRM and everyone who supports for NRM. Our tears have not dried and will not dry. No longer the heavens held back the rain. AND now that the gods have let down the rain, may all the fields get flooded. May all your crops be eaten by insects. May you beg for food. May you remember that we also loved our people. NO RIP till every death is avenged.