Saturday, March 4, 2017

#USA can't claim to give democracy,peace when they fund murderous dictators like #Uganda's #Museveni

Besides all the money Ugandans have read in the media as being given by USA to Museveni, two weeks ago us ambassador gave Museveni $8 million with an additional pledge of $300 million. 

Museveni also gets a monthly cheque to the tune of $74 million from USA for free for only heaven knows what apart from shutting down the noise of an ever screaming toddler that says "give me give me".

Towards the end of 2016 and the start of this year, the US Military brass met the Uganda army counterparts in Kampala and one should wonder what they discussed most especially after the massacre in Kasese was still fresh and the king of Rwenzuru was still being held in Nalufenya torture chambres with over 100 of his subjects.

Late last year FBI also met with IGP (chemical Ali) Kale Kayihura and gave him a kiss ass award.

End of summer last year, Museveni got 5 combat helicopters worth $40 million.

Ugandans need to wake up to the reality that the United States of America is keeping Museveni in power and you should even wonder why Ambassador Malac spends weekends at Museveni’s farm.

While all this is going on, many American tax payers still do not know that their hard earned money is being spent on murderous regimes in Africa.

One can only hope that President Trump being a businessman will soon demand for accountability for all the money previously spent on Museveni’s war mongering and what interests USA has in the Great Lakes Region of Africa to the point that they turn away instead of facing the reality that all refugees are because we invade our neighbours, all terrorism is because we are inciting it, all murders are committed with the arms given by America and all the torture houses (safe houses) are even known by America to the exact location.

Why does US give Museveni money directly to help with refugees when we have UNHCR?  Do they mean that an organisation they fund mostly is incapable of executing their obligations for refugees?

USA trains most of Museveni’s cadres in US and then sends its citizens to Uganda to even train them there and provide ammunition to help them execute their training by killing our people (my people).  Were any other country to do this, it would be condemned publicly but no one touches America.  Then people wonder whey there are now so many terrorist groups which wanna take down America.  Mind you this has now become a very easy task because Americans are doing it themselves. 

The world needs to build a wall against America and make China pay for it!

Say that these things are not true, why then did the US say the February 2016 elections were not democracy and the incarceration of opposition was to be condemned and yet turned around to fund Museveni saying he is a good US partner in the war on terror in the Great Lakes.  So Americans live in the Great Lakes?  Comes as a surprise to me too.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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