Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#UN, #Uganda hold joint conference to help refugees as Ugandans starve to death

The best thing that will happen for Uganda is when US President Trump cuts back USA funding for the UN for this UN has done nothing but promote and support wars in Africa and especially supporting dictator Museveni to invade all our neighbouring countries to cause an influx of refugees who then get treated better than Ugandans who are starving and dying of treatable and preventable diseases.

The United Nations (UN) has outlived its mandate and its welcome in Africa.  To imagine how high they jump when Uganda gets an influx of refugees (some of who are actually running for their lives) without caring for the communities in Uganda or the fact that Museveni is killing his own people to make room for refugees who come with $ signs tattooed on their Identifications.

This is not xenophobia but xenophobia is an option which UN refuses to acknowledge.  The reality is when you displace the owners of the land to build camps to house foreigners and then give them food, medicine and education; basics which many Ugandans yearn for, do you want Ugandans to declare themselves as refugees in their own country in order to access food and medicine?

It is preposterous for UN to think they should make us live in peace with these bandits (not all of them) in our own communities and we watch them taking our land and running down our businesses or these people going to our universities and technical colleges for free while we run out of land and cows to sell to send our own kids to school?

How about some of them beating up our people and they get treated better by the authorities because Ugandan lives do not matter?

The hate towards refugees in Uganda has never existed but these days, it is running rampant because Ugandans are suffering incredibly while watching these Sudanese, Congolese, Rwandese and Burundians come into our country and kill our people and laugh in our faces since they know they can get away with everything.

Okay, so let it be because when Amin chased Indians out of Uganda, he did not chase away all these foreigners but our new government is gonna send these people packing and not because we want it but the masses who are hungry and angry will do it and these foreigners will run in the night.  Exactly what possesses the world powers to ignore the plight of Ugandans and then force Ugandans to live with these fugitives from justice or the impoverished run aways from their countries because they did not dare tell their presidents not to allow UPDF to invade their countries?

The calamity which will befall foreigners in Uganda will start with anyone known to be from Rwanda and Burundi.  Congolese will not be safe but those South Sudanese who go to our universities for free while our own kids cannot afford university will face something they might not be prepared for.

When Ugandans talk about the #AprilRevolution, do not think it is only against the rogue regime of Uganda.  I am certain it will hit all the parasitical foreigners in Uganda. I fear where a Tutsi will run to hide when Ugandans finally go torching down everything in sight. The hate barometer in Uganda is reading very high and all it needs is a spark and that spark might come from the next person shot down or perhaps the final eviction of the 5,000 remaining at Owino market.  I would actually avoid evicting this remaining group of 5k for the simple reason that people are already angry about the other 15,000 and you do not want to add fuel to the fire.

It might come from the next slave body we return from Dubai.  It might come from the next mob attack against a person in authority who grabs land or shoots an innocent person.  It might also come from the next student strike.  It could even come from women waking up and deciding that Basoga women should not be sold as wives for sh. 20,000 ($5.50) a piece.

WAIT - #AprilRevolution might not even be crowds in the streets.  It might be ghost towns like what happened in Cameroon which was so bad that Biya shut off the internet and still has ghost towns.  I will just stay home for a while.  The world is too cold.  Uganda is too dangerous.  Imagine a country where the maximum security prison does not have electricity!  I would also be scared if I were a guard at Luzira Prison.  Damn!  This would be a good time to do a Jail Break and let all the prisoners go free.  It would even be more fun if UMEME could shut off the lights at Butabika.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

Uganda, UN solidarity summit for refugees scheduled for May

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