Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#UK is no friend of #Ugandans - #Boris meets dictator #Museveni

"After the war, we shall not remember our enemies.  We shall remember all our "friends" who said nothing and watched us being killed".

We have a name for white people, just call them WHITES.  We call them Muzungu for singular and Bazungu for plural. So there is a Muzungu in Uganda to fund and enforce the killings in The Great Lakes Region under the guise of Security talks.  Someone ought to look up how much armo UK sells to dictator Museveni.

When Winnie was a toddler (she is a beautiful young woman now), she took off like the lightening and hid under my bed screaming. I am chasing after the kid wondering if she had seen a ghost.  And under that bed she stayed all day.

I was spending the holidays with my brother at the Masese Estate - the houses for the Steel Factory in Jinja.  Brother used to work there so we had benefits.  So upon investigation of what was freaking out the little baby out, I find James standing at the door talking to ghosts.  These people were so pale they had to be ghosts (according to my niece).  So apparently Jehovah's Witnesses had chosen to come into the Estate and go house by house to teach us about their Jehovah.  The problem is we were all Christened and Winnie's mom is one of those Born Again Christians you cannot pass religion by her but she was not home to defend us against these Bazungu.

James was a character though.  He proceeds to tell them to tell him about their God.  Did they ever!  My brother was nuts for he could make a fool of you without you even realising it.  Then he asks them to talk about Were and apparently this group did not know that Were = Jehovah = Mukama = Mungu = God = Allah.  They went on and on and my niece is still screaming in terror.

That is when I realised that Bazungu are not nice people.  The child was saying they were ghosts and were not messengers of God at all in her fright and it took me a bit of time to realise why the child was terrified.  But after James sent off the ghosts and having told them to return the next week just so he could get the other neighbourhood kids to attend this time and watch the STUPID of bazungu, he told me "Winnie is right to fear those ghosts".

So today Boris Johnson who did not think that WHITES in the EU were good enough for the Britons shows up in Uganda.  Boris did not think Germans were good enough.  He did not think the Belgians or French or Dutch were good enough for the United Kingdom or any other country in the EU is in Uganda to sow peace.  WHAT kind of Stupid is this?  A white man who does not think that his fellow white brethren are good enough for him is going to bring peace to a bunch of monkey eating raw rat eaters in Uganda?  By the way Museveni ate a monkey when he was in the bush.  AND in Tororo, some cult believer ate a raw rat to impress Museveni.  So my life totally sucks.  My people eat monkeys and rats.  BUT not all my people.  Ugandans are so very nice but we are ruled by thugs!

Back to the issue I wanted to mention.  The UK, EU, US, UN and even Canada refuse to see the light. They are the biggest causers of all the suffering in Africa. In fact they fund wars and genocides and then dare to tell Hon. Vladmir Putin that he is a bad man.  Then even complained about President Trump who is now teaching them a lesson.  Clinton and Obama funded and praised Museveni for many years and Obama ensured that Museveni continues to receive money after Obama left office.  Trump is gonna fix it (I believe).  The UK has done nothing but give Museveni a private plane, money, money and more money.  Then this Canada goes in sijui under the guises of helping suffering Ugandans when they know damn well that the money does not reach the suffering people.  Oh you know that it was a Canadian who was running The Global Fund when Uganda stole 430 million Euros from The FUND?

Museveni is invading #DRCongo and the British are going to fund it.  Just watch! Of course so will Malac and Schmidt.  By the way, why did Trump not recall Malac who has been one of the most useless envoys from US to Uganda?  That woman knows about the 2 American kids who were kidnapped and are being held in Uganda and she knows exactly where to get them and how to get them but the other day she was on Museveni's ranch as if white women can raise Ankole cows.  Damn!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS: I believe that President Donald Trump and President Vladmir Putin will not accept the lies from Museveni and his thugs.  History will prove me right.

#GreatLakesRegion security - what #Uganda regime is not disclosing


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