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#Uganda’s Gen. Angina can’t arrest Capt. Bashaija

Last week the Deputy Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Gen. Charles Angina ordered for the arrest of Capt. David Bashaija for using his position to grab government land.  Capt. (Rtd) Bashaija is the In-charge of OWC for Mbarara Municipality.  The land in question is found at the Mbarara Stock Farm on Mbarara-Ishaka Road and belongs to the National Agriculture Research Organisation (NARO).  He fraudulently acquired and forcefully retained this piece of land for his personal use.

Capt. Bashaija is a historical Museveni Bush War veteran who after taking over power in 1986 was retained in Mbarara for harmonizing the land acquisition for the Balalao through the Ranches Restructuring and degazetting of Lake Mburo National Park.  He benefitted a lot by acquiring a big chuck of land from the degazetted national park.  Together with Gen. Saleh and Gen. Muhweezi, he founded Ngabo Academy located in Mbarara Municipality.

In 1999 Museveni wrote to Capt. Bashaija asking him to vacate the Stock Farm land in vain.  In November 2010 Museveni wrote to the Attorney General directing him to investigate the same matter and to cause Bashaija's immediate action and prosecution.  Around the same time, the Secretary Uganda Land Commission directed the management of Mbarara Stock Farm to repossess the said piece of land; ".......since the lease that was given to the school had expired." when Dr. Balikowa, the then Mbarara Zonal Director of NARO led a group of workers to evict Capt. Bashaija, they were roughed up leaving Dr. Balikowa injured and a NARO vehicle damaged. The Mbarara police Land Protection Unit sided with Capt. Bashaija for the failed eviction.

Consequently Capt. Bashaija went to court and the matter is under adjudication.  He at one time claimed to have bought the said piece of land from a one Kasumari (deceased) at 22m shillings.  Gen. Angina's
fake order followed Museveni's recent public statement in Mbarara town that all those illegally occupying Mbarara Stock Farm land should leave.

Capt. Bashaija has not only grabbed the Mbarara Stock Farm land.  In Sanga, Kiruhura District, he has grabbed a bigger chunk of land belonging to Sanga Veterinary Research Station under NARO.  He used
the cover of expanding Ngabo Academy by constructing an East African Institute of Applied Technology at Kangoro village on the same piece of land in Sanga.  He went ahead to claim that he once again founded the institute together with Gen. Saleh, Gen. Muhwezi and Prof. Charles Kwesiga.  That the institute was to cater for the children of the fallen comrades of the Bush War who after completing their studies at Ngabo Academy would get stuck.  He even went ahead to encroach on the nearby land belonging to Ruhengeri Experimental Farm.

Capt. Bashaija as the Councillor for Kanyaryeru Sub County at Kiruhura District, he became the LC 5 Secretary for Defence.  He is a very strong person in Mbarara, Kiruhura and Isingiro districts.  Together
with the Capt. (Rtd) Rwakanuma, they led bands of armed LDUs and Crime Preventers to beat up opposition supporters and direct election rigging.  In Bukanga they helped Museveni's nephew, Kangwagye to defeat Nathan Byanyima.  In Nyabushozi, Capt. Bashaija led a band of rogue NRM supporters who waylaid and the FDC campaign agent, Mujaasi beaten unconsciously.  After the elections, in August 2016 Capt. Bashaija led Museveni on a guided tour of his Ngabo Academy where he
commissioned a multi-billion Science Block.   In June 2013, Museveni awarded Capt. Bashaija with a Luwero Triangle heroes medal.

Gen. Angina was recently sacked by Museveni from the position of Deputy Army Chief before he was dumped into distribution of seeds under OWC.  This is because he had attempted to poke his nose into
multi-billion financial deals in the army which are the ones sustaining 'cohesion and loyalty' in security services.  From the Pension scam for former soldiers, survivors benefits for widows and orphans’, sale of logistics under AMISOM, to the most recent 76b shilling fake procurement scandals, Gen. Angina lost all the battles.

Museveni's order hesitated on use of force thus; ".... the government wouldn’t have loved to first use force against encroachers."  Even in 2010 he chose to write to Capt. Bashaija and when he defied he
resorted to the Attorney General and its now six years since.  Unlike Gen. Angina, Museveni knows the forces behind Capt. Bashaija.  Gen. Angina ordered Col. Shikaji Tumusiime to effect the arrest of Capt.
Bashaija yet when Angina was a Capt. in the mid 1990s, Shikaji was a Lt. Col.  But more so, owing to political connections and cadreship, Capt. Bashaija is a boss to Col. Shikaji.

Gen. Angina should leave matters of Generals to Generals or else he will be humiliated. It is easier for Gen. Angina to order for the arrest of Vice President Edward Ssekandi than the more powerful Capt. David Bashaija."


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