Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#Uganda's dictator #Museveni duped #Ugandans into a false #Revolution

Why Ugandan Dictator Yoweri Museveni's illegitimate rule must be uprooted through a People Power Revolution - He lied to the People of Uganda. He duped them into a fake NRM Revolution.
[By Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU - 11/03/2017]
There is no doubt about it - Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan despotic and incredibly corrupt dictator is a pathological liar, who, over three decades ago, duped Ugandans into supporting a fake NRM revolution.
For any one still in any doubt about this, all you have to do is listen carefully to this video compilation of Museveni's speeches going back to the very early days of his so-called NRM revolution.
Follow this YouTube link to hear the pathetic and wholly insane lies that were peddled by Museveni in the name of advancing the so-called NRM revolution -
More than 30 years on, Museveni and his nakedly corrupt and savagely oppressive and anti-democratic NRM outfit have, quite evidently, broken each and every promise they made to the people of Uganda.
Let us take a closer look at Museveni’s broken promises.
-              Bringing democracy, ending one man rule and unconstitutional practices, such as life-presidency, family-centred governance order, etc.
Who in Africa can beat Museveni at his determination to “Work just for Myself and My Family…”? Who can beat him at his determination to become Africa’s longest serving ruler, come what may – even if this meant wiping out entire communities and Kingdoms through genocidal acts in broad daylight?
-              What about stopping electoral rigging and other anti-democratic tendencies?
Didn’t Museveni say that this was at the heart of his 1980-86 Luweero Triangle Uprising? But how many elections have been rigged by Museveni since the Luweero days, and how many self-serving coup d’etats has Museveni actualised in the process of rigging the elections?
-              And then he kept talking of ending state-inspired violence against innocent Ugandan civilians.
But how come Museveni is such a pronounced and proud Cheer Leader, and, indeed, the undisputed Godfather of politically motivated massacres of innocent Ugandans, for example the recent genocide against the people of the Rwenzururu Kingdom.
-              In his speeches, Museveni also talks of stopping political persecution of government critics and opposition politicians
What about the world record held by a one Dr Kizza Besigye as the most frequently arrested man in recent human history? Who is the man behind this indefensible persecution of Uganda’ popular opposition leader? Is it not Yoweri Museveni, who now happily declares that anyone who criticizes or opposes his illegitimate NRM regime “must be crashed and buried six feet deep”?
-              Museveni also spoke of an NRM revolution that would end, once and for all, corruption and fraudulent management of the national economy.
But, is it not Museveni who loves carrying around sacks of American dollars and Big Envelops stacked with cash for purposes of bribing unethical political elites as well as susceptible and gullible citizens who are engulfed in poverty with no alternative but to accept handouts so as to live another day?
And why is it that the fuel that drives Museveni’s illegitimate regime and political survival is nothing but a combination of solidly entrenched corruption, patronage, cronyism and nepotism?
How is it that nearly all the top offices of power in Museveni’s Uganda are run by members of the Museveni family? What would Museveni have said if former President Milton Obote had appointed his wife Minister of Education, and if Obote’s son was a head of Special Forces Command who was also responsible for his father’s Presidential Guard Brigade? And if Obote’s brother was a general who oversaw special military operations, later headed Uganda’s Reserve Forces, and then the militarisation of the nation’s agriculture, etc.
Through his unending lies, Museveni has proved to be a man without principles, without any sense of patriotism, and without a drop humility to apologise to those so perniciously and evilly lied to so publicly and repeatedly.
Instead of pacifying and democratising the Ugandan nation, ending corruption and creating pro-people governance systems, Mr Yoweri Museveni and his obnoxious political sycophants have used the most destructive tools of repression to create one of the most ruthless, corrupt and anti-people political machinery that has been responsible for indescribable violations of human rights, the serial raping and abuse of Uganda’s constitution.
In so doing, Mr Museveni has out-done most of Africa's tyrannical regimes in terms of political arrogance. What we see in Museveni’s Uganda is a political construct that is not only politically dangerous, but utterly anti-people in all its manifestations.
Thankfully, however, in so doing, Mr Museveni has made it easier for future democratic and pro-people set-ups to hold him to account. Listening to Museveni’s widely recorded demagoguery and political pronunciations, it becomes clear that whatever he was saying is not only self-incriminating, but ultimately self-destructive. The decades-long debauchery is fast becoming the most important determining factor in his (Museveni’s) own undoing.
In legalistic terms, one could easily conclude that Museveni has, over the decades, manufactured innumerable lies, falsehoods, mendacities and illegalities that will not only bring him down, but quite smoothly lead to his own conviction.

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