Thursday, March 9, 2017

#Uganda's dictator #Museveni and his accomplice #Kayihura trained 1.7m youth ahead of 2016 elections

Museveni and Kayihura are on record praising the Crime Promoters.  Most of us saw it as Intarahamwe (Rwanda Genocide) where the youth would go out and kill anyone who did not support the regime in place.

Some Ugandans pretend to not know that Dr. Kiyingi was framed for the murder of his wife and being a Muslim who supports ADF (the gentleman is a Christian) so many people ignored his messages about how Uganda was heading for doom.

However, when Gen. Sejusa warned about arming civilians and people laughed, not too soon after that, Kayihura was on live camera saying he had instructions from President Museveni to arm civilians so that they could fight terrorism.  NTV ran both stories.

Uganda Civil Society warned the world that the Uganda government was training militia and not many people paid attention.

The picture of Museveni and Kayihura awarding certificates to "Crime Preventers" in my home town Mbale and some of the kids were as young as age 8.  Not too soon after reading that story, I found out that youth were being trained as Crime Preventers in Bukalasi Secondary School in Bududa District.  I wrote an article warning the parents not to allow their young children to be used as child soldiers.  Bukalasi SS training was shut down.

Despite our poverty, we must not allow our kids to be trained as killers.  Where are all the kadogos who Museveni used as Child Soldiers?  Our communities are very small such that if things change, we will know where to find you for having given your kids to the govt to learn to use guns, own them and return to terrorize us all.  Some 30 crime preventers were dispatched in every village just before the elections.  Sadly, these are all now known and Uganda media has stories of Crime Preventers being murdered with no investigation into the deaths.

In Bududa Central alone, kids were playing football (soccer) on that field some of us know well.  The little kids watched their soccer ball run into the make shift police station manned by Crime Preventers.  A 13yr old heroe of some sort decided to walk into the police station and claim back their ball.  He was shot dead. The next day, Museveni went to Bududa and my people did not make any demands for the water for Bududa Hospital or why a child had been shot dead by a Crime Preventer.  But some of you will also remember that the week before this incident, a .35yr old man had been shot dead in Bududa by Crime Preventers.  All water under the bridge you think?  Never.  These incidents took place in 2015 but they are not over.

Them of course we have these stick wielding young men who beat up opposition supporters on live camera and do not realise that the Ugandans are watching for that face and will come and get you one of these days.

When Amin fell, all his supporters were hunted down, killed or they had to run out of the country.  I do not think Kenya and Tanzania will be welcoming now.

When Obote I and Obote II fell, his supporters were also hunted like wild animals.  We did not even have social media and smart phones then.  Now we have all your pictures and videos of you beating up supporters of Dr. Kizza Besigye and Lord Mayor Lukwago and then imagine how easy it will be to locate you and run you out of our community.  I would be very careful.  Gen. Mugisha Muntu is on record talking for only 28 seconds.  By the way, Muntu is a genius and one time you will all see it.

By Gilbert Wanda, Open Gate FM.

Police in Mbale town is set to intensify night patrols to net wrong elements who are terrorizing residents and robbing off their property at night.

SP. Godwin Ochaki, the Mbale District Police Commander while speaking to our reporter at Mbale Central station this afternoon observed that police is going to intensify night patrols ,community policing and identifying village security groups to help police in curbing crime.

Ochaki’s pronouncement follows an incident where a group of men clad in coats and armed with pangas at Nkoma suburb beat up a radio journalist at 1:00am on Wednesday night as he returned home from duty and took off with all his personal property including money and a mobile phone.

Residents of Nkoma who preferred anonymity told our reporter that they suspect crime preventers carrying out night patrols could be behind such attacks.

Ochaki has however promised to investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to book

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