Friday, March 10, 2017

#Uganda's biggest tribe #Baganda #Buganda are their own enemies, enemies of all of us

These people hated Dr. Milton Obote and celebrated Gen. Idi Amin.  Not too soon after, they hated Amin and helped dictator #Museveni gain power by killing their people in the Luweero Triangle.

Their Kingdom in Mengo is going down daily and yet they still collected Etoffali to keep their conquerer in power.

Buganda thought they were Uganda.  Actually they are if you think about it and this is why I have always said never sideline Baganda.

This is a tribe that has many laws and regulations and yet many eat Nsenene even if they okudira ensenene.  They also eat Endiga mbu nedira endiga.

They used to think that their language would be the national language but some forgot that Kakungulu went to Bugisu and now we speak your language.

I concede that the things which SPAN writes annoy many Baganda and yet he is the only one who tells it to your face about his people.

Span wrote about the tombs and the history of Buganda being destroyed by Museveni and some, let me find a word for them, said "you are not even a Muganda so how dare you tell us our tombs were destroyed?".  Actually if you read it, Span said it and he is from Masaka. Your tombs and history were destroyed.  You might also want to know that I was raised in Kabembe and spoke better Luganda than Lugisu.

The arrogance of this tribe is shocking.  Kampala has been taken over by Rwandese and Indians and yet Baganda still stand proud by the King (I do by the way love him too) and do not realise that Mengo has given away your forests, land, lakes and rivers to foreigners. AND this is the time that I think that I should announce that my name is Leah Namutebi raised in Kayunga.

Except that the King could not come to Kayunga and some 27 youth were killed when they protested for our king to come to Kayunga. WAIT, did you forget that over 300 youth were arrested and we even have no idea if they are dead or alive because of the subjects wanting to meet their king.

Baganda should learn from Rwenzori subjects who were killed while protecting King Mumbere who of course abandoned them.

So this Mengo no longer collects Etoffali and yet gives away your land daily.  If you do not believe me, then explain what happened in Nakivubo and the schools which were demolished and then of course the vendors kicked off the streets of Kampala.  You know what, those were your mothers and fathers and yet you tell me I should not talk about Buganda because I am not a Muganda.  Try that shit in Bugisu and you will see.  You elect your own Baganda like Nsereko, Kato Lubwama and Kamya and expect things to change.  HOW SO?  Then you think you are superior to us.  Were you superior you would not be reading what a Mugisu come Mukiga writes for you to know that you need CLAIM BACK YOUR COUNTRY OR DIE AS A SLAVE!

I hope you read the names of the youth on death row in China and Hong Kong.  Most of them are your relatives so stop pretending that Museveni is good for Buganda and Uganda.  He is not.

You can hate me all you want but I still will get paid on the 15th of the month and month end and it will never be from Uganda (in dollars).  I am only here to let you know that you need to claim your rights.

Martha Leah Nangalama (Nakimera)
Moncton, Canada

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