Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#Ugandans who praise mediocrity and incompetence are enemies of the country

A population that thinks that the current regime gave them the Internet is far too stupid to know that they are praising the none founding father of social media and one who shuts it off at a whim.

A mass of young people that think that eating one meal a day is mana from heaven is obviously never going to question how their parents managed to eat three meals a day.

The crowd which cheers when some boot licker is airlifted from a village hospital to Kampala for medical attention will obviously not realise that their local community hospital used to treat malaria and TB.

The fools who think that for every cancer case we must wash cars and raise money to send people to India obviously will not acknowledge that Obote and Amin had their children born in Uganda and all their family members treated in Mulago.

The idiot who tells me to be proud that Museveni gave me freedom of speech to express my discontent on Facebook obviously does not know that Mark Zuckerberg did not even invent Facebook.

The retard who thinks that Kampala Police asking on Twitter for people to claim the stolen licence plates is perfectly fine obviously cannot comprehend that Kampala police should already know to whom those licence (number plates) belong to.

Then we have that odd one who dares to say on a global forum that Janet Museveni's responsibility is not to provide pads for menstruating girls because that is the job for the government.  I say let the girls use tampons.  So with such a low level of expectations, how do Ugandans think that anything will change?  When you exempt the Minister of Education from providing promised school supplies and do not realise that she is government, I say we are doomed.

But alas, it will soon be Sunday so go buy your Holly Rice, Holly Water and Holly Tea and tell us to all just suck it in.  Who cursed us?  Who cursed you such that you do not even realise that $700 million was stolen right in front of your eyes when you were focusing on a miserly $1m?

And then of course no wonder the professors sell grades for degrees.  The country is a mess and no wonder #Kasese massacre is long forgotten, thieving by NSSF, URA and UNRA is a figment of our imagination and who even cares about Nakivubo stadium being demolished or OWINO market being history?  How is Sudhir by the way?  He should have a coffee with Ham for Ham Properties (next one down).  But I also hear that Libya said enough is enough and cut off the money for UTL and as if that was not enough, government is taking over electrification now since government can do it better than private companies.  Wanji?  Do not have a cow.  Uganda Airlines apparently is being considered as a dream that will not happen in this regime.  Mukule mubone.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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