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#Ugandans see light at 77 DOGS of fake #Christianity

CALLED TO SERVE: Some of them were once household names, but somehow they disappeared from the social scene. But looks like 2017 was the year for them to bounce back in the limelight. These former artistes and socialites surprised their fans when they appeared at Pastor Kayanja’s 77Days of Glory (DOGS) at the Rubaga-based Miracle Centre Cathedral where they confessed their sins and denounced the secular life. Dorcus Murungi writes.
Bad Black
She was the first socialite to be delivered at the 77DOGS. During her confession, Bad Black was not afraid to take down some people with her, including her mother whom she accused of practicing witchcraft. She also disclosed about the witchcraft in the music industry, a thing she claims she experienced when she tried to be an artiste. Before she embraced Christ, the proud ex-convict was known as a regular in bars and nightclubs where she drank herself silly and bought alcohol for strangers. 
With Pastor Kayanja and his wife Jessica holding hands over her head, the socialite denounced her drinking habits, sex addiction and promised to be an ambassador of Christ. In fact she disclosed to her close associates that she wants one of her miracles to be getting married to a pastor. Since giving her life to Christ, Bad Black or is it Snail Baibe’s social media pages are filled with live videos of her preaching, sharing scriptures and calling on people to find the Lord. How long this episode of Shanita Namuyimba’s life will last, only God knows!
Brenda Birungi
She was a Tusker Project contender in 2011 and she was popular for her hit song You Turn Me On. During her confession, Brenda Birungi asked God to reform her and return her voice, which she claims the devil had stolen a few years ago. She revealed to Pastor Kayanja that whenever she tried to sing, she would get a sore throat and her voice would disappear. It was then that Pastor Kayanja allegedly commanded the evil spirits to let go of her voice and called upon Qute Kaye to come and sing a worship song with Birungi. As we speak, Birungi is among the new kids at Miracle Centre Cathedral’s choir.
Qute Kaye
Around 2006, Qute Kaye was the thing. He was a new kid on the block, with a popular song, Gikense, a smooth voice and the looks to go with it all. Yes it was not only in the name, boy was Qute Kaye some eye candy! However, as the song faded, so did the singer from the limelight. He was no longer doing music, neither did we see him hanging around the clubs or events to try and stay relevant. All we heard were rumours that Kaye was hiding in some ghetto in Kamwokya battling a strange disease. Not long later, he was announced dead. It was all false news. So imagine the relief when the singer appeared at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral. And then the murmurs and ridicule about how he looked different – in a miserable way.
During his confession, Kaye broke down in tears as he denounced smoking, drinking, secular music and got emotional when one of the revelations was of Chameleone saying he will run mad. His deliverance session ended with an acapella of This is My Story, amid cheers from the congregation. The latest is that Pastor Kayanja rewarded the singer with a Pajero Reg no. UBA 653C. Well, looks like the singer’s miracles have started unleashing, but do not expect music from him, because God’s plan for Brian Martin Luther Ivan Kaye, according to the pastor is to minister!
Captain Dollar
Remember that Emesse song? Although it was a one-hit wonder, we must admit it was one helluva club banger. The brain behind that master piece was none other than Captain Dollar, who was by then rumoured to be in his S6 vacation. So when the guy disappeared, it would be right for us to assume that he had probably returned to school. But the story was different. Ever since his hit song, the road has been unpleasant for Captain Dollar – his showbiz life was gone. He was out of the limelight, until recently when he showed up at Pastor Kayanja’s church. The singer caused thunderous howls when he mentioned his name through the microphone and later announced that he had given his life to Christ. Dawson Lawrence Aliyenka told the congregation that he had come to repent his sins, among them being so many hideous things that the Bible does not approve of and sleeping with at least four different girls each week.”
Papa Cidy
You will probably recognise him from the song, Joselina, in which he featured Jose Chameleone? Papa Cidy’s music was cordially welcomed by a number of Ugandans but before we could get enough of him, he mysteriously disappeared. Rumour has it that the singer had been taken over by worldly pleasures and that was the reason his music had disappeared off the scene. The good news, however, is that he was also delivered at Pastor Kayanja’s 77 DOGS. We hear that the former artiste now moves with a Bible everywhere he goes and lately pitched camp at Miracle Centre Cathedral where he drowns himself in prayer.
Lady Titie
Tendo Tabel aka Lady Titie is a popular radio personality and TV presenter whose love life has been with ups and downs. When she broke up with her ex-husband Katongole Omutongole, her life became a mess. The two were always reported in scandalous fights, lasting close to a year. She recently found new love though and to probably keep things the way they are, she was spotted at Pastor Kyanja’s 77 DOGs where she committed her life to Christ. However, Titie’s fans are speculating that it could be that she wants to place her new relationship before the hands of the almighty God such that no weapon formed against it shall prosper. Well, we wish her all the best.
I guess most of you know Kapere, that comedian who always plays ugly in the Amarula Family comedy outfit. The wave of salvation that is visiting Ugandan celebrities has not left Kapere behind; he is also among the celebrities that have committed their lives to God. Immediately Kapere confessed his sins, Pastor Kayanja ordered the storekeeper of his church to give the comedian some brand new clothes. Not only did Kapere get clothes, but Pastor Kayanja offered him a TV gig on Channel 44 as well. Rumor has it that Kapere together with Eddy Kigere, another comedian who gave his life to Christ at the same church, are going to be hosting a comic show on Channel 44. Kayanja also revealed to Kapere that more miracles were yet to unfold in his life. With such a wonderful start, we guess Kapere won’t dare set foot out of the church.

Seeing the light at Kayanja's 77 DOGS

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