Thursday, March 9, 2017

#Uganda youth accuse leader of destroying the opposition party #DP @norbertmao

Not only are the youth justified but they sadly forget too quickly.  All opposition in Uganda is being undermined and we need to be very careful about this and see when opposition is being destroyed. Unlike the FDC which is outright being killed, the Mao factor has to be thought of in a very key occurrence.

Mao got very sick.  Something like malaria which could not be treated in Mulago.  Or was it Pneumonia or a Bad Belly ache?  He has never been the same because in 2015 he was saying insane things about Dr. Kizza Besigye and Lord Mayor Lukwago and that is when I realised that malaria can cook the brain.  At the end of this story, you will find some of the articles for when Mao got sick and cut him some slack.

UYD Leaders Accuse Mao Of Weakening DP
Uganda’s oldest political party, Democratic Party, is embroiled in a fresh power struggle between its youth league, the Uganda Young Democrats, and the party’s president, Norbert Mao.

The youth league members, championed by the secretary-general, Charles Wasswa, argue that the party is being run to the ground.

He accuses Mao of failing to conduct a national council meeting for the last two years, and goes ahead to personally decide on behalf of all party members.

He adds that Mao sold DP party to JPAM’s GoForward during the 2016 general elections which was not the decision of DP as a whole.

However, resident Norbert Mao says his accusers are not leaders of the youth league and therefore have no authority to speak on behalf of, or criticize, the party’s leadership.

“We all have to go back to the drawing board and create a proper balance between showbiz politics and building a culture of concrete debate on the issues that affect the entire country,” Mao said.

UYD Leaders Accuse Mao Of Weakening DP DP President Norbert Mao Hospitalised DP's Mao hospitalised, party says condition not worrying Nobert Mao Discharged - Red Pepper Uganda Mao's Liver Overloaded with Cocktail of Drugs - Red Pepper Uganda

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