Tuesday, March 21, 2017

#Uganda will not experience peace till my people go free #AprilRevolution, The Plague

Your crops are being eaten by insects to make the gods show you that there shall be no peace or prosperity till every Ugandan is free.  Your rivers and lakes turned into blood.

Remeses was so set on enslaving Moses' people.  Remeses lost his only son.  How many sons are you willing to lose?  Your daughters too.  What you want for your sons and daughters, you in uniform is what we and the gods want for all our children too. I WISH GOD HAD CHOSEN ANOTHER ACTING AS A FOE ON YOUR BEHALF...LET MY PEOPLE GO!

It has been rather funny to watch hypocrites cry lately.

Did you cry when you chased your sons and daughters out of Uganda via your stupid bills?

Did you shed a tear when your public assembly was killed?

Did you cry when the term limits were lifted?  OH but you did not know it would affect you.

Did you cry when 16 Muslim Clerics were murdered in cold blood?

But you had not cried for Acholi, Karamoja, Teso or Bugisu so of course you did not know any different.  Do you know the pain of suffocation?  Locking people in cargo wagons and shutting off the air and they suffocate to death.

Do you remember Mukura?  What human puts people into train wagons, dowses it with petrol and has a BBQ of them?  What about the ones you buried alive?

Did you cry for the IDP camps in Northern Uganda or do you even care about the nodding disease?

But you were so sure it could never reach you till they burned down your tombs and killed your youth for standing up for Buganda!

Where did you pack Batwa?  Where are the families you evicted from Hoima for your oil?

Did you cry when Kasese was bombed and prior to that, Rwenzururu people were murdered and thrown into mass graves with govt saying they were thugs and we have never exhumed them.  So do you think we shall do it for Kasese?

Did you shed a tear in 2015 when bodies washed up on the shores of Lake Victoria?

Do you ever sleep peacefully?  Because many of us do not.

Have you counted how many influential Businessmen, Business women and Baganda elders have been murdered?

How about our lands being taken away and our children dying in Arab countries and China?  How many bodies have we brought back?  Do you even know how many millions go hungry daily in Uganda as you import refugees from countries you invaded and you feed them and do not feed Ugandans?

Then you kicked our people off the streets of Kampala and burned down markets and evicted people from Owino?  AND your development is to build mansions, hotels, malls and arcades which will not be occupied anyway!

So you mourn one man's death.  Do you know how many men we buried silently in the same week?

And then you tell us you brought us peace.  Do we look that stupid?  The thunder which will strike you is a tsunami still doing a practice run.

You abandoned us for cars.  For cash for debt relief as we had no medicine.  You justified oil money and that oil money is a curse forever.  But do your children go to the schools you demolish?

Non, I am not angry.  I am not even close. Ugandans are awake and there is no turning back.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada (I will be home for the revolution, you shall see).

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