Friday, March 3, 2017

#Uganda to bury a #Museveni loyalist

By Denis Wabuyi

#Issue 16

Wabuyi Denis

Tomorrow the whole of Bugisu across political divides shall trek to Bungokho to bury one of the greatest names to have rocked the nation during the struggle against the Amin regime. His name can only come close to the likes of Dan Nabudere and maybe the current Hon Nandala Mafabi.

Whether their struggle took us to where we wanted to be or not, Jack Maumbe Mukhwana, the son of Busiu shall remain one of the greatest names to have rung across Bugisu and Uganda in "their times".

Those who got chance to see and chat with him will tell you that some of their escapades are equivalent to the "Rambo in the Jungle". Their confrontation of Amin soldiers and escape from near-captures are very fascinating. It is such that made our people believe that such people are "cooked" or "batekhe" and thus they could turn into cats or chicken whenever they were surrounded by government soldiers. For those that have read "Sowing the Mustard Seed" you should be knowing what role Maumbe played in the struggle against Amin and later Obote regime.

But knowing what you may know, the people of Namawanga in Lukhonge Sub County mainly know Maumbe for one thing; he and Museveni caused the death of their innocent son, Namirundi who had no links to FRONASA. But because he stayed near Maumbe's home in Malukhu, Namirundu by then a Senior 3 student would succumb to the deadly firing squad. Him together with Lt Masaba were publicly executed at the spot where currently stands Oxford High School - Mbale.

For those who know Malukhu, there is a road that has been named after Namirundi but this was a boy who was merely caught up in confusion that ensued after Amin's soldiers tried to arrest Museveni. Little did he know that the house he ran to hide in was the very house of the then guerrillas Museveni and Maumbe.

Of course Museveni and his colleagues had narrowly survived another ambush, they ran into the forest that by then covered the largest part of Malukhu, via Musoto and along Manafa River to Busiu, Maumbe's birthplace. From Busiu it was now easy to cross into Kenya via Watakhuna, Kufu to Bumbo or Lwakhakha.

But behind them they had left "real" trouble for this student of Mbale SS. After interrogation and of course torture he was sentenced to death by firing squad. It is said that at around 3pm after his death, from no where a cloud covered Mbale. Bugisu had just witnessed the climax of Amin's "reign of terror".

Rain then descended upon the land but however much it was, it could not wash away the tears of this act.

As we lay Maumbe Mukhwana to rest, we shall recognize him and give him all the due respect. Buwalasi clan has lost yet another lion just days after losing a lioness, Constance. Museveni will have lost another of the few living friends from Bugisu days after losing Constance who provided sanctuary to him many times. When all this is being said and done, no one may say a word about Namirundi.

Rest in peace Maumbe CA, Maumbe Tick, Jack Maumbe Mukhwana. Revolutions eat their own children but you lived to a ripe age!

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