Sunday, March 12, 2017

#Uganda stray bullets, mob justice and child sacrifice

A woman in Njeru town council in Buikwe District was on Sunday hit by a stray bullet as police officers raided her village to disperse residents who were about to lynch a man they accused of trying to sacrificing a child.
Aidha Nabirye was seriously injured and is currently admitted to Mulago hospital.
Some of the people this reporter spoke to accused Jackson Mutebi of killing children in ritual sacrifice for wealth.

“The suspect says he gets his riches from hard work but the truth is that he sacrifices children,” said one of the residents.
Police arrived in the nick of time to rescue Mutebi from the mob. Mutebi is also admitted to Jinja hospital after being beaten by the angry mob.
According to witnesses, the mob invaded his home and damaged his car after getting wind of the news that he planned to sacrifice a boy.
Njeru Division Police Commander Charles Katumba said he is going to apprehend idlers in the area.
“ I call upon residents of Njeru to desist from acts of mob justice and whoever will be got should never blame police,” he said.
However, when police left, residents raided the suspect’s home again and set his car on fire.
According to a report by Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM), a charity organisation, at least Six children were mutilated and murdered as part of rituals to bring good fortune in the run-up to the Ugandan elections in February, 2016.
The the use of children’s blood and body parts in sacrificial rituals has been previously reported in Uganda.
Between October 2015 and February, six incidents were reported according to Shelin Kasozi a worker with Kyampisi KCM.
A 2011 report by KCM and U.K.-based charity Jubilee Campaign claimed that hundreds of cases go unreported and uninvestigated by Ugandan authorities and that the practice is recommended as a remedy for illness, protection from evil spirits or as a means of ensuring commercial success. 
A 2011 BBC investigation showed a so-called witch doctor advocating that a child should be sacrificed- either by being buried alive or by cutting the child and draining their blood—in order to ensure the success of a construction project.

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