Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#Uganda must stop playing with our minds on their murders

I had this greatest English and Science teacher in Namugongo Primary School.  He taught me P5 - P7 (Grade 5 to Grade 7).

He had a tendency to always pick on me so I always sat at the back of the class.  One time in P5, he asked the class a question I thought was rather silly and of course I did not answer it.

Dude yells out "Leah Makhame, you know the answer so give it!".

I proceeded to tell him that I hated that boarding school. I hated being away from my siblings. I hated posho and beans. I missed my uncles and aunties on the village.  I hated education.  I hated school.

Then imagine when he says "Leah, answer the question and stop malingering and mataquating".

I then proceeded to tell him when I grow up I shall be a better teacher than him and all my students will love me.

"Leah stop malingering.  Answer the question or I will move you to the front of the classroom and you shall never seat in the back ever again in your life!".  So I told him there are 46 chromosomes in a human being and that should be rather obvious given that the school had painted all our walls with Biology, Maps and Baker's discovery of Uganda.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been malingering and mataquating.

About an hour after Kaweesi was gunned down, I received an email saying "Museveni only listens to guns and this is only the start."  I replied to the email "muyaye you, what do you mean?  Tell me more."  I hit the send button and the fella had already shut down his email account.

This is why I am scared like you even have any idea.  Are we really seeing something here?  But when you think about it, the only people in Uganda who have high end assault guns are the police, Intelligence, SFC and anti terrorism unit.  Does this mean that these people are gonna go on a killing rampage?

Is Uganda about to get into a civil uprising by the people for the people?  I am on record for begging Museveni to pay the soldiers and police.  Museveni is on record for saying he is not a servant.  He is also on record for telling his armed people that instead of asking for salary payments and salary increases, they should go raise pigs and goats.

Museveni is on record for saying that no civilians are killed by NRM and yet we have a lot of information where his soldiers, police and thugs kill civilians.

Museveni is on record for saying if you do not vote for him, it means life and only has the money, army and oil.  He went on record and called opposition swines and wolves.  He is on record today for saying he is not interested in age limit talk.

Museveni is on record for saying that the people in Rwenzururu who were buried in mass graves were criminals and thugs yet many were our regular people.

Museveni is on record for saying he will wipe out opposition.  Is it any wonder that even his own close people now oppose him?  Did he really expect opposition to take up guns and fight him?  Non non.  Dr. Kizza Besigye and Gen. Mugisha Muntu are on record for saying we will never use guns.  So then if you train and arm people and deprive them of basic living rights, you tear down their houses, you evict them from their land (381 families of UPDF were evicted in Western Uganda in 2014) and you deprive these armed people of medicine, education and pensions for their families, exactly what do you think they will do with their guns?

Go ahead and kill yourselves.  Some of us have our own problems like no jobs, no income, no street vending, no markets like Owino, no school fees for our kids and no medicine in the hospitals. Alas, our roads are a nightmare so let all the white people who have no monkeys and gorillas in their country zoos flock to Uganda to provide tourism.  I hope you get malaria or a snake bite.  I hope you get into a car accident on Massacre Rd and learn that we have no ambulances and should one show up, I hope you end up in Mulago to know all your money does not help Ugandans.  I hope you get mugged.  I hope a boda boda trails you.  I hope your children get kidnapped and get held in Uganda for ransom.  I hope you read the anger of Ugandans because my gosh, are we ever angry?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

A police officer was today shot dead by colleagues in Katoogo, Ssembabule, during an operation against robbers.
Masaka sub-region police spokesperson confirmed the death of the police officer attributing it to poor coordination & poor communication. #NBSLiveAt9

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