Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#Uganda #media watchdog bans Advertising religious fakery

In a bid to redeem itself for censoring intellectuals, academicians, political opponents and crashing freedom of speech, the useless UCC has finally decided to do something that will none the less not side track us from the recent insanity of banning The People vs. The thugs in authority show.

While UCC colludes with the soon to be forgotten media houses like NBSTV, we shall still go to the churches, give away the little savings we have, carry out all nighters and immerse ourselves in fake religion as we buy fake miracle rice, fake tea, fake water and allow the charlatans to mine sand illegally while we wait for the good Lord to return and deliver us from the fangs of the hypocrites in our leadership.

ALAS!  Did one minister not recently say that we must not encroach on the religious rights of witches and wizards or did he say we should condemn child sacrifice.  It seems like only yesterday when a high level minister was protecting witchcraft and give our government enough rope, they will hang themselves.

Today it is them Hallellujah Praise  The Lord Types and the 77 Days of Glorious Sinning and tomorrow it shall be the Muslim Clerics and their Mosques being raided. How low shall we fall in praising greed, lies, corruption, theft, murder and hooliganism?  Do the dead cry or could they return and tell us how all our worshiping of fake gods have taken the Pearl of Africa down a bloody path to what is now obviously The Peril of Africa?

Did we not mourn the Muslim clerics that were gunned down like senior government officials and then move on and plant our maize which is being ravaged by Ndiwulira?  Or have we forgotten when prayers were banned and everyone went about their Boda Boda business even when they knew very well that boda bodas are now considered criminals?

The nation might realise too late that all the mosques, palaces and Kingdom worshipping halls shall not protect Ugandans from the Ugandans whom they have for decades feasted upon as though one group were a parasite and the others were the victims?

In the end, while you sit on the high chair or stand proudly in a bullet proof casing claiming to be a committed Christian or Born again as though the gods made a mistake in your first birthing, your piety will not protect you from the wrath of the ones you tell to buy food flasks even after they have gone hungry for days.  Go ahead and close all the schools as they return to the villages and learn how to use pangas and other rudimentary objects of violence which will come crashing at the gates of La Bastille.


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