Friday, March 17, 2017

#Uganda kills their police spokesman @BorisJohnson @IGPUganda

The Uganda regime has made 3 tactical errors since I started following the politics of Uganda.

February 2016, opposition were arrested and some were killed.  Social Media was blocked.  Military goons were deployed all over the country as if we were at war and the world watched thanks to social media and the internet.  The US and EU condemned this.  But we do not trust you whites so we unblocked ourselves.

May 2016, opposition was arrested and social media was blocked and then a world criminal by the name of Bashir flew into Uganda for Museveni's inauguration and Museveni proceeded to tell ICC that they were useless.  But he was not done yet.  He said "STUPID, do not tell me how to run my family" as if all of Uganda is his family household.  Some of you will remember that reps from EU countries, USA and Canada walked out.

November 2016, RT (Russian Television) aired #BrilliantGenocide and of course I was one of the people promoting it on the internet.  November 20, 2016, a friend told me there was going to be an attack on Kasese.  I told the friend to tell a friend to tell the friends in government that it must not happen because about 30 million people were about to watch the #BrilliantGenocide. RT aired it on November 24 and 25.  This is when one has to lose their arrogance and I wish Museveni could listen.  Lo and behold, the night of November 25/26, my phone is ringing.  No one calls me on the land line except family in France or very close friends in Uganda and dude tells me Kasese is under siege.

Then hell broke loose.  My editor was telling me Uganda media could not cover the story.  The media houses knew even before the official order was given that Kasese was off limits. Then our team of people from Kasese fed the news to the world.  These 3 reporters were frantically looking for their relatives, taking pictures and videos while hiding and running for their lives.  I WILL NEVER FORGET KASESE.  I proceeded to lose many friends who thought I was lying about Kasese.  And since most of my family in Uganda (99%) adore Museveni, I lost many beloved people but I kept telling them that I would fight for them too. It hurts far too much to lose a brother or sister or best friend simply because you stood up for justice and human rights.  The scars will heal one day.

Now that Boris Johnson is in Uganda and one of the biggest spokesmen for the military police gets gunned down and the airport is temporarily shut down, what does UK have to say about all the millions of pounds they give to Uganda?  Actually what would have been even a better movie script would have been a siege on Entebbe Airport (kinda like 90 minutes at Entebbe).  BUT damn, the guy will not even catch malaria to be treated in Mulago hospital so he can see what the UK money for health does in Uganda.

I also wished for him to get involved in a car accident so that he would see that we have no ambulances.  OR perhaps getting to Entebbe airport shut down or a troop of armed soldiers swarm on the airport to arrest a terrorist off Kenya Airways who might actually be an unarmed citizen who goes by the names of  Hon. Dr. Kizza Besigye.  AND then hold back all the flights because someone who dares to talk about Uganda's problems just landed.

Did Boris go to Isingiro, Nakaseke or Luweero?  Did he visit Karamoja or Gulu?  I sure hope he did not set foot in Mbale for this would be an abomination.  Does he know that his government funds a regime which kills our people?  Does he know that the people do not ever get any of that famous aid?  But why did Boris not give a lecture at Makerere University about The Wonders of the United Kingdom and how the British Empire continues to help African countries?  Did he bring along any computers for our schools or any books or even any medicine for Hepatitis B?  Did he pledge more military aid to Uganda?  Perhaps he bought rice from the 77 DOGS.  Hallelujah praise God!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
WHITE PEOPLE WHO DONATE MONEY TO UGANDA KILL MY PEOPLE. I AM NOT DONE YET!  Boris hates fellow white people in Europe and so why do you think he is good for Uganda? Of course I am aware that the UK government minders for Boris Johnson are reading this message.  GOOD.  Because I mean everything I said.

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  1. its so unfortunate er his Museven now each and every person shoulde work under his armpits thats why we always see government official falling victims of sudden dealth.
    But PRESIDENT TRUMP promised us something sir we are waiting