Friday, March 17, 2017

#uganda kills their own and #US #EU and #UK fund the killings - #Genocide

In 2013 Uganda passed the Public Order Management Bill (POMB).  This was my first year to get into Uganda. As this bill was being passed, there was the anti-mini skirt bill and the Kill Gays bill in progress.

Ugandans jumped onto the Mini-Skirt and the Kill-Gays they forgot that their public assembly rights were being taken away.

Ugandans are on record for undressing women in public because some sisters wore short skirts.  We should all have gone naked to show them what we had under clothes.

Ugandans proceeded to hunt down gay people to the point where their sons and daughters were in hiding and being hunted like animals.

Fascist regimes work by first killing off a group and then moving onto another group.  I am on record for telling Uganda that the gay people were not the problem.

I watched many Muslim clerics call for killing the gays and apparently some 16 clerics were gunned down.  The killers were neither mini-skirts nor gay.

Karma wears heels.  Soon after, in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and now 2017 many business people, lawyers, doctors and elders died.  Remember that in 2014 some of us had helped gays to get out of Uganda and then the daily rapes continued to just prove that the biggest problem in Uganda was not gay people.  Small brains in Uganda told people on social media that I was a lesbian and of course I accepted that I was and so exactly how was I hurting them by being gay!

Then 2015 and 2016 was filled with high level people in government dying from "natural" causes.  And the deaths continued into 2017.  But now we shall classify all deaths as cancer.  Do you remember the Pakistanis who sodomized a young lady in Kampala?  Then of course they got off the hook because they had a minder.  I hear the guy died of cancer last month.  Names with held but some of you know that Katatumba was the main man.

I now watch reports of MPs, diplomats, generals and high level police officers or army get gunned down or die in road accidents and I ask why you did not listen when I told you that one day they shall come for you!

Acholi did not concern us.  Neither did Karamoja.  Teso is oba even where and then Bugisu is a place I have never heard of.  Then Kasese happened.  Do you know the rich resources of the Rwenzori area and why Kasese is a burning stick?  People from Rwenzori know what belongs to them and they are not feeble like Baganda who just watch their schools, forests and markets get demolished.  People from Rwenzori would rather die than kiss your ass.  There will be another Kasese Massacre but since government reads everything I say, we will avert it because they know very well that I will tell it all.

So now you cry for Kafweesi being gunned down.  Did you cry for Kagezi?  Did you cry for Dr. Obonyo who was gunned down with his wife and 2 kids and one of them Eliza being a childhood friend?  Did you cry when Uganda went into DRC and caused 6 million deaths?  How many tears have you shed for the millions Uganda UPDF murdered in South Sudan and Somalia?  Did you cry about the Rwanda Genocide?  Did you cry when my father could not get an IV to infuse medication to reduce his pressure?  BUT do you even cry each time I ask you to remember the people we killed? Did you know that Kayiira left behind a wife and little kids?  Perhaps if even not that, do you know that Mayombo could not get an independent pathologist and neither did Kazini. Do you not remember the skulls in Luweero and do you think Luweero has forgotten?

Do you know that Obote was not killing people in Luweero?  So Luweero protected the thugs and now I hear Luweero are dying of hunger.  GREAT.  That is karma for you housing and feeding future murderers.  Go collect your payback from Museveni since you are the ones who now own everything. DID YOU TAKE A RECEIPT FOR THAT SO THAT YOU CAN GET A REFUND?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Uganda
I know that one time they will come for you too.  Coming for me is a fact but I shall die for my people. BY THE WAY, WHY ARE YOU SELLING BASOGA WOMEN FOR SH.20,000?

Uganda: Public Order Management Bill

Legal analysis 13 Aug 2013 On 6 th August 2013, the Ugandan Parliament passed the Public Order Management Bill (the Bill), despite broad criticism by domestic and international civil society organisations. For the Bill to become law, it must receive Assent by President Yoweri Museveni within six weeks.

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