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CID, CMI and SFC feud over control of money for investigation

The Observer has learnt that disharmony among the country’s top security and intelligence organisations could derail the investigation into the assassination of Andrew Felix Kaweesi, the former police spokesperson.
Kaweesi was gunned down on March 17 with his driver and bodyguard at Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb. The investigation is being conducted by officers from the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organisation and Special Forces Command (SFC).
The CID is the lead investigating agency. Several sources have told us that mutual suspicions appear to have got  in the way of the investigation as detectives from various agencies seek to outdo one another and in some cases, undermine one another’s progress.

On Thursday, sources intimated that Grace Akullo, the director of CID, met the detectives briefly and emphasized that they should work harmoniously together because they are all aiming at one thing: to find the killers. The meeting, sources said, was prompted by cries of uneasiness – especially from the CID detectives – who felt that their efforts were being undermined by investigators from other agencies.

Forensic experts inspecting evidence at the scene where Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his driver and bodyguard were murdered 

Sources told us that some investigators from CMI believe the CID is incompetent and has failed to resolve similar cases before. They (CMI) want to take the lead in the investigation, sources said.
“The way CID approaches investigations is different from how other organisations might approach theirs. What we are doing now is to build the spirit of teamwork such that we all work together,” said one of our sources knowledgeable about the progress of the investigation.
Another senior police officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Observer on Friday that the sticking issue in the investigation is the control of financial resources.
The officer said there is an element of jealousy among other agencies because CID is currently in charge of the finances. Some agencies like CMI reportedly believe that the probe will move much faster and will be more efficient if the bureaucracy in obtaining facilitation is eliminated.
The CID has been cautious and strict in releasing money for fear that some of it could be squandered under the guise of the investigation. While the officer could not tell us how much has been released so far, he said given the complexity of the investigation, hundreds of millions of shillings will be used.
The officer told The Observer that the aspect of ADF involvement will eat up millions to be investigated. Akullo declined to talk about the investigations when we contacted her on Saturday. She referred us to Emilian Kayima, the spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan Police.
Kayima was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, investigators are trying to string together Kaweesi’s movements in the last 48 hours before he died. The aim is to establish whether he was being trailed. Their concentration, sources said, are entertainment places and hotels where the deceased is said to have visited hours before he was murdered. They have already gained access to CCTV cameras in some of those places and are reviewing the footage hoping to get some clues.
So far, they have received reports that on the evening of Thursday March 16 [the day before he was killed], Kaweesi met a group of people at Arirang hotel on Kyadondo road. There were also reports that the day before, Kaweesi had a meeting with another group at Café Javas, Kamwokya.
Besides Kaweesi’s movements, the detectives will also interview his wife Annette, who last week gave birth. They want to know if her husband had divulged any kind of threats to her.

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