Monday, March 6, 2017

UGANDA: Regime honours corpses more than the living

March 6, 2017 - The parliament of pigs passed a bill in 2016 to spend sh.47 million ($13,500) on every death of a pig which is more equal than other pigs. Some of my readers will remember me joking that we were gonna see a killing spree.

Were that not to be a joke, one should wonder what is killing off the great ones. Might it be that these traitors have found parliament so repugnant to sit in that they now pray for funerals of their colleagues so they can escape the witchcraft which pervades the house that used to be?

There is nothing dramatic about death in Uganda anymore. In fact besides the money you get from the death of your "loved" one, you can even ask to be appointed a Minister of something something useless or MPig of some sort.

Even our most admired heroes have helped M7 to rob Uganda.  They have never put up a fight to equip our hospitals so let them die like our own parents.  In fact, all of them should be treated in the hospital of their local community.

Mbu Mama Mabira flown to Kampala. Why not Kitgum?

Maumbe Mukhwana being driven to Kampala instead of Mbale hospital. He dies en route. He is driven back to his home hospital Mbale. Museveni then sends a convoy to take his dead body to Kampala for show and tell. Then back to Mbale.  IDIOTS. Thank you for looking after Maumbe's corpse.

The likes of Margaret mbu well known internationally in the medical field. Why did she not get treatment in Mulago?

Nkoyoyo. London UK for treatment because religious leaders have aided and abetted looting.

Agaba KCCA murderer thought he would be airlifted to Hamburg for treatment or what?  Died like a peasant in Mbarara hospital.

That Rugunda who single handedly destroyed all the medical care in Uganda. He must get treated in Kasese hospital when he gets sick. I think he is a Mukonzo anyway.

But people like Akullo, Kasule Lumumba...why do they eat and get fatter than pigs and clog their arteries?

Stop crying for the dead. Buganda lost most of its land, schools, markets, etc..milo land.  Mbu Land Minister of land grabbing.

Wait till they nationalise all your land. You think people are dying of hunger now?  You haven't seen anything yet.  Which takes me back to that Rugunda.  Who in their right mind goes to survey a district of starving people with empty hands?  Musevebi takes a jerry can and a bicycle to Luweero while he buys equipment for Kabale.

Akullo Byaruhanga wants to tax the rice which Chicho and Ching donated. 😡😡

If you think I am angry, you are not paying attention. This is not to insult the dead or mock you for the death of your people but since when did we become selective about whose death is and isn't more important?

People are dying all over the country and sadists are fighting over money and appointments. Have you been to Karamoja, Budaka, Nakaseke, Isingiro, Luweero lately?  I do not even care about Bugisu anymore for Museveni and Fronasa take good care of my people.  I hope you enjoy your wild fruits and roots while you pay for Chinese and Alliance in Motion food supplements!

Martha Leah Nangalama
#FeedMyPeople and #MuseveniMustGo!

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