Wednesday, March 22, 2017

#Uganda #Genocide - Calls intensify for investigations into #Kasese massacre

Ugandan Dictator Yoweri Museveni, together with his military and police commanders, under international spotlight over Kasese genocide - Calls intensifying for those responsible to be held accountable.

[By Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU - 22/03/2017]

When Ugandan Dictator Yoweri Museveni dispatched his military and security operatives, under the command of notorious army Brigadier Peter Elwelu, on a punitive mission to violently subdue the ‘sturbon and anti-regime’ subjects of the Rwenzururu Kingdom in Western Uganda, little did he (Museveni) know that the ensuing Kasese genocide would become the defining moment, not only of how Ugandans relate to his illegitimate hold onto power, but also of how the world views the state of political governance in modern-day Uganda.

The gruesome specter of Kasese genocide, which entailed wanton killings, torture and brutalization of large numbers of civilians, among them children, women and elderly citizens, has effectively become a wake-up call for Ugandans and the world at large to the sadistic nature of Museveni’s illegitimate rule in Uganda. 

The massacres have exposed an incredulous scorched-earth brutalization of the Ugandan population by Museveni’s specialized killer squads made up of various elements from the military, police and security services, and, in particular, from the Special Forces Command, which at the time of the killings was headed by Museveni’s own son, Major General Muhoozi Kanierugaba.

It is worth noting that the man who commanded the genocide operations inside the Rwenzururu Kingdom palace, Brigadier Peter Elwelu, who was by then the army’s Second Division Commander, has since then been promoted to the rank of Major General and appointed as the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Land Forces Commander.

The call by Human Rights Watch (HRW), the global human rights campaign organization, for a thorough international inquiry into the Kasese massacres has triggered intense international interest in the state-coordinated murders of innocent civilians in Uganda.

In its highly critical and damning report dated 15th March 2017, Human Rights Watch stated that:  “Killings by Ugandan military and police during joint operations in Kasese, western Uganda on November 26-27, 2016, warrant an independent, impartial fact-finding mission with international expertise.”

The call by HRW for thorough investigations has been augmented by similar calls by the United States embassy in Uganda and a number of other global institutions. According to sources at the European Union, the EU is also considering supporting any efforts to make those responsible for the Kasese massacres accountable.

Free Uganda (FU), the pro-democracy campaign group led by General David Sejusa, would like to add its voice to the calls for an immediate and independent international investigation into the Kasese massacre.

But Free Uganda would also like to urge all well-meaning Ugandan citizens not to just sit there and merely wait for outsiders to come to our rescue. Uganda can only be free when Ugandans themselves decide to end the impunity of the Museveni rule by standing up and contributing to the freedom cause.

The Struggle Continues.

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