Monday, March 13, 2017

#Uganda army persecution of servicemen via illegal arrests, bogus courtmartials @UPDFSPOKESMAN

Ugandans need to start asking some serious questions about our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, relatives and friends who are in the Uganda Army.  Col.  Gordard Busingye, the Chief of Legal Services and Lt. Col. Moses Wandera, the Director  Prosecutions need to explain to Ugandans why Ugandans were flown to Somalia last week to be tried in a Court Martial in a foreign country.  AMISOM and the UN are ignoring all the suffering that Ugandan army servicemen and servicewomen are enduring.

Recently I shared articles previously written about how the Uganda army uses the Kangaroo court to persecute, intimidate and lock up men and women in uniform.  It is public knowledge that the Uganda Court Martial trials are set up by orders from above and whoever does not tow the line pays the price.  Many of you remember what was done to Gen. Sejjusa and it is not like he is free or fully retired yet but there are many others who are suffering in silence.  Here are some more people you need to know about.

Cpl. Majibu Ssebyala who was thrown in the Makindye torture chambre and tortured till he lost his manhood was last week flown with others to Somalia to be tried in a court martial in Somalia. This act in itself is illegal because this gentleman was already in Uganda and his quick trial and conviction in Somalia was a punishment for him for having talked to the media about his torture and the injustice netted out on him.

The other officers who were flown to Somalia with Cpl. Ssebyala last week are Lt.  Ochen, Lt. Shinyekwa and Cpl. Karaka.  Out of the 4, it is only Ssebyala who was convicted without his lawyers and sentenced to 20yrs imprisonment.  You will remember that this gentleman needs more medical help than imprisonment but since UPDF kills its own, anything is possible.

Something else is going on.  I shared a story about Major. Ronald Iduuli and how he is suing the government (UPDF) for compensation for his services.  I immediately had people contacting me telling me how I am a spy and intercepting some of my communications with my friends and family something which I am quite used to but in this particular case I was accused of spying for NRM. 

The information I shared about Mr. Iduuli was already in the media or on the Change of Guards Blog which most of you have known about for years now.  The minute the one person asked me if I had gotten my information from an eye witness, I started to fear that Maj. Iduuli will likely get arrested anytime soon.  In fact some high level meetings have been taking place since the media first published his story and I too shared the one saying Maj. Iduuli is lucky for now, but for how long?

Why we need to be concerned about Maj. Iduuli and what UPDF is planning (arrest) is because of what they did to Gen. Sejjusa.  UPDF claimed that Gen. Sejjusa was still in service in the army and hence was not allowed to talk to the media or the public.  As a matter of fact, Gen. Sejjusa is still a prisoner in his own home.

Maj. Iduuli is not considered retired and hence he can be arrested anytime since we have the precedent already set by what was done to Gen. Sejusa.  If Maj. Iduuli gets arrested then all our eyes will be on Col.  Gordard Busingye and Lt. Col. Moses Wandera.  Gen. Katumba Wamala and Gen. Angina know very well what is going to happen and the CDF Muhoozi is very much aware of it too.  These gentlemen are not helping our people.  Any of these soldiers could be our family and for Ugandans to sit back and just watch our people go into senseless wars and then be persecuted for ridiculous things and lies makes all of us culprits.

Should this happen, then naturally, the people he has been defending in UPDF and especially the 4 soldiers being imprisoned in Somalia will have no one to fight for them.  This is the danger of our government for when they want to harm many, they take down a major person and in this case for Iduuli having always been the main defender of the rights of the soldiers.  This will silence many soldiers who are currently imprisoned or being persecuted or falsely accused of crimes they did not commit simply because some higher up people feel threatened for exposure due to crimes they commit or are plain just vindictive.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Why Maj. Iduli is just lucky but for how long?




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