Monday, March 6, 2017

#Uganda #ArabSpring underway led by notorious #TVO

Don't you all wish it were true?  It might actually happen one day if the Pigs in Parliament and the looters of Kampala markets, schools, land and hospitals think they can continue feasting with no care. One day someone will set that pigsty ablaze and you shall all burn!  Yeah. BURN!

So apparently this youth group in Uganda is spreading rumours about TVO.  Everyone loves TVO. In fact the Uganda government is the biggest fan of TVO.  Wouldn't you also want to be friends with a celebrated friend of Mark Zuckerberg?  Temuli baavu.

Do not believe the group below.  I catch them plagiarising a lot of my articles and passing them on as their own so I bet they stole this post from someone else.  Credibility ZERO!  But we need the entertainment anyway.  Go about your bushera and grasshopper harvesting for though the rains have come, the growing season is 3 months of yet empty bellies if you did not plant mangoes or do not know how to harvest wild fruits and dig up roots that are eaten by the Bushmen but be careful lest they poison you.  Mbalabude!

Anyway we are tired of this TVO talk.  Andrew Mwenda found TVO.  Tumukunde should go have a drink with Mwenda so to confirm for sure after 22 years of investigative journalism that M9 found the real TVO.  Is it Shaka? Rugasira? Abbey? OR is she hiding in the Yukon? Nange kanyumidde!

Martha Leah Nangalama

The regime is panicking. M7 has given Gen. Tumukunde exclusive authority to use all available state machinery to monitor suspicious movement across the country and communication.
TVO has called for mass mobilisation to enforce a citizen led revolution against M7's impunity, similar to what happened in Tunisia.

UCC has been asked to be vigilant and track any form of coordinated citizen activity.
The army has been placed on alert in case there is youth mobilisation in the major towns mainly Kampala, Arua, Mbale, Mbarara, Kabale, Jinja.

FDC strongholds are being targeted.
In all this, security personnel are minting money because classified budget is at work.
The Uganda Youth Movement supports efforts to end impunity in our but sticks to the policy of non violence.

Watch this space!!
Tom Voltaire Okwalinga
Uganda Youth Movement

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