Friday, March 24, 2017

#Uganda #AprilRevolution - preparations and instructions

This April Revolution might be real and perhaps we should stop doubting it.  Naturally, hidden plans are underway and many of us doubt it will happen but it never hurts to be prepared.

Uganda is no stranger to violence and uprisings by an angry population.  Sadly most of these things have ended up in many deaths and were it your son or daughter killed, you would say, there must be no violence.

The April Revolution has many lessons from other countries and many uprisings and revolutions around the world to learn from. 

The Arab Spring managed to get a few dictators out of office but left behind a trail of suffering, which by the way cannot be blamed on the ones who rose up against despotic leaders but rather should be blamed on the real problem of Africa "Leaders who over stay in power".

Most of you will remember that the French Revolution was started by a discontented mass of impoverished people who stormed the Bastilles and the guards / soldiers let them in.  It might have been after Marie Antionette said "If they do not have bread, why do they not eat cake!".  Of course Uganda has its own version "if you cannot feed your kids at home, why do you not buy a food flask and pack for them hot food to take to school?".

You will also remember that the land issues for the French Revolution were big issues and the last time I looked, many Ugandans were being evicted off their land at gun point to end up in IDP camps.

Now back to the Arab Spring.  Millions of well educated young men and women could not find jobs and were struggling to see what their future held.  The future was bleak. Dictators enrich a small population of their worshippers and ignore the masses.  They make a mistake and then trust the military.  In Uganda's case, we have seen UPDF and Police families be evicted off land, their barracks shacks be razed to the ground and should they complain about poor pay or delayed salaries, they are told to go raise pigs and goats.

We have seen strike after strike by medics and university teachers.  Heck, we even have people being knocked dead on streets, vendors being arrested with babies on their backs, markets being burned or demolished, an entire tribe being killed or a kingdom being bombed and the ones in charge come on live camera and brag about it.

Uganda is ripe for a revolution.  You would have to be blind not to see this.  So as much as some of us doubt it, this thing might be real. I would take those 2 groups (fake or not), UPFFF and SCOF seriously even if they bluff that they are involved in the famous murder.  The problem that Uganda government is not seeing is the anger behind all the murders of the business people, the high profile govt officials, the diplomats, the village elders and now their own men and women in service.  People may forget a bit but do not count on it.

As for you all who want to join the April Revolution, I suggest that you stock up enough supplies for at least 3 weeks because if this thing goes ahead, no shops will be open.  No taxis or boda bodas will run.  Nothing will be open and this is something Cameroon did.  Everyone just stayed home and when even the military goons showed up to kill people, there was no one in the streets.  Then they got hungry and needed food and drink and all the shops were closed.  Think about it.  We can cripple the economy by just staying at home.

So your kids will miss school.  But exactly what are they learning at school which they cannot miss for a few weeks?  It is their future we want to be brighter.  AND you HMs and teachers who think you will threaten families to force their kids to be in your classrooms, remember that most of your schools are being shut down because they are not privately related to key people in government.

All people in Uniform.  Please remember what happened when Idi Amin fell.  Remember what happened when Obote fell.  Do you remember what Museveni did after Okello?  There lies your fate.  Do not be so confident that you think you are untouchable.  If an AIGP can be shot in cold blood in daylight, who are you?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
You will remember my words.  So far I have not predicted anything that has not happened.

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