Tuesday, March 28, 2017

#TVO releases program schedule for #Uganda's #AprilRevolution @PoliceUg @IGPUganda


Programme for #Uganda #AprilRevolution
On 18th April, 2017, at all city and town centres around the country, the people shall gather and drop posters, marked "R.I.P FEAR".

In Kampala it will be at constitution square, throughout the day for the whole week.

We shall drop posters at all town centres.

On Wednesday 19th we will be dropping off posters, marked :"R.I.P Land Grabbing".

On 20th April, we shall drop posters marked: "R.I.P State Corruption".

On 21st April, we shall drop posters marked: "R.I.P Bad Governance".

On 22nd April, we shall drop posters saying "R.I.P Police Brutality".

On 23rd we shall drop posters marked: "R.I.P Poor Service Delivery".

On 24th, time for people to lay the wreath on all those ills mentioned above, and we shall occupy every city and town centre demanding the departure of people who have caused the above.

There will be reminders 24 hours before each event.

#AprilRevolution - Together we can, and we shall!.

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