Friday, March 17, 2017

Theories of why AIGP #Kaweesi was killed - #Uganda murders police chief @IGPuganda @PoliceUG

My people started out celebrating and I did too but then the death sunk in.  Or did it ever sink in.

For years, we have been burying our dead and mourning in silence.  The gentleman who was killed is on record for some not very nice things.

I think what shocked us all was how he met Lucifer.

There are only 3 people in Uganda who have bullet proof cars.  So all of you who want to kill Dr. Kizza Besigye can now go ahead and I will put a curse on you and all your children.


Then ask yourselves why the assistant to Kayihorror did not have a bullet proof car.  BUT alas, Kahihura dispatched the killers and ensured he got pictures.  He has many questions to answer.  I loved Kayihura but this niece uncle love is completely DEAD now.  How could he kill his own prodigee?

Let me rubbish the theories.

                        Kaweesi assassination theories
Theory 1
Ahead of the April People's Revolution that's giving the dictator sleepless nights the elimination process of likely internal perpetrators  has commenced more to be assassinated. <<Martha Leah Nangalama.  This theory is bogus because there will not be an April Revolution.  We are just going to burn down State House and set fire to Parliament and roast the pigs who are not even worth to be called prostitutes.>>

2nd Theory
Felix Kaweesi has been a huge threat to Karekyezi Kaihura's position as IGP which has been witnessed by unending transfers, demotions perhaps promotions of the deceased and therefore this could have occasioned his death. <<Martha Leah Nangalama.  This theory has been around for a while that IGP Kayihorror is to be replaced but I do not think he would be cold hearted enough to arrange this.  In fact, I think the Mbabazi mafia set the kill in such a way that Kayihura gets to be in the lime light as the killer.  Kayihura did not kill Kafweesi.>>

3rd theory
Lt Felix Kaweesi is a one Police officer who recently officially received a report from Korea about the death of Lt Aronda Nyakairima which definitely accuses state agents for having poisoned the Gen which is contrary to the Government report and therefore the Junta felt unsafe for such information being known to a Muganda Kaweesi which occasioned his death.
More coming
RIP <<Martha Leah Nangalama.  This is a very stupid thing to say.  We had Aronda's death before Uganda even got it.  So if Kafweesi was killed because of this report then the regime is working with STUPID or maybe too many IDIOTS.>>

4th Theory
Kaweesi knew a lot about the Kasese massacre which US and EU condemened after Human Rights Watch issued a report and he was likely implicated. <<Martha Leah Nangalama.  This is the silliest theory.  The world was getting hourly updates on Kasese during the whole thing.  Maybe every few minutes.  We endangered our people to just keep feeding information.  Kaweesi hardly knew anything.  Even govt knew little.  They also learned about the massacre via Social Media.>> Welcome to the new world order.

I have my own theory.  I think Boris Johnson, Foreign Minister for UK did it.  Does this guy have an alibi?  Where was he?  He has many questions to answer and dining with Museveni is not acceptable lest it leads to the Park Geun-hye replay.  Lwakyi ali mu Uganda omusajja oyo?

Nakhumanya nani uwirire umusani oyo nenga banu kene bakanikhe nga bakamile khurya buli munu.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Do not RIP brother.  Not yet.  Not until pigs squeal and we know who ordered for your death and who killed you.  The world is awake now. I miss you though.

was at Mulago hospital in apparently to investigate the kill. Where was the damn FBI for killings

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