Thursday, March 9, 2017

The #Ugandan Nation is at Peril as #Museveni & his crownies #LandGrab

When will Ugandans wake up to save the Nation and Reclaim their Land and Freedom?

[A Wake Up call from Free Uganda – Published by Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU – 09/03/2017]

The agony suffered by the People of Uganda continues unabated. continues daily. The Ugandan Nation is at Peril – Museveni and his cronies are grabbing the People’s Land… With the Nakivubo Park Yard tragedy still so fresh in our minds, and before you realize, another Museveni land grab explodes.

So, why are Ugandans allowing all this Museveni barbarism to reign freely across the Motherland?

From Acholiland to Karamoja; from Mbale, the Land of the Bamasaba, to Busogaland; from Buganda Kingdom to the Bunyoro and Toro Kingdoms; all across our Motherland Uganda, Museveni, his extended family and his cronies are on the rampage, using force and violence to steal the People's land.

All other evil deeds aside - the state inspired murders, political persecution and grievous violations of human rights, the incessant maniacal rape of the constitution, undemocratic tendencies, electoral rigging, etc., put aside, surely, isn't this savage grabbing of the only remaining source of the People's livelihood - their LAND, reason enough for Ugandans to rise up and topple the rogue and illegitimate Museveni regime?

Ugandans, think about this - Museveni is now in the final stages of grabbing nearly every piece of land belonging to Ugandans. He and his immediate and extended family are busy declaring ownership of large farm lands in the Ugandan countryside as well as every single piece of land for potential development in the urban areas. And we, Ugandans are silent about this? As if it doesn’t matter?

The question to ask ourselves is simple - What will our children and grand-children be left with? And what about us today? What land are we left to live on?

Are we not seeing what is happening? Are we that blind? No, this can't be true! We all have seen what is going on. We all know what Museveni is up. And, naturally, we do not like it, and, no doubt, we would like to end this Museveni impunity once and for all.

Our problem, as Ugandans, is how to master the courage – each one of us - to stand up and oppose the evil in our midst.

The time has come for us as a People, as a Ugandan Nation, to stand up to Museveni’s dangerous and incredibly anti-People acts.

The Freedom Struggle to Liberate our Motherland from the abhorrent and heinous specter of Musevenism is underway. Many citizens have joined the Struggle and Museveni and his brutal gangs know well that they are surviving on borrowed time.

But the Struggle for a free Uganda needs the contribution of all our citizens. It is in this context that Free Uganda (FU), the pro-democracy liberation platform, calls on all the People of Uganda to embark on this honorable journey to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

We must all stand up, as One People, to reclaim our LAND and our INDEPENDENCE from these post-colonial thieving elites, who have imposed themselves on us.

The time is NOW for Freedom Struggle to go volcanic.

The Struggle Continues.

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