Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The people vs. the invaders - #Uganda's Rwomushana takes on Odrek

By Charles Rwomushana

"And that is where I strongly differ with Odrek Rwabwogo. ...
The peaceful transition that culminated into the 1995 constitution  collapsed. ...
The NRA seized State power in 1986 but had promised to return political legitimacy and sovereignty to the people of Uganda within four to five years. ..

The Prof Kanyeihamba motion extended the NRA for five years without elections.
The only stupid election was the Besigye election to expand the NRC that was based on the Resistance Council electoral collage.  The only grouping that was allowed to organise was the NRA for political parties had literally been banned.

Certainly we were under a military rule.
The NRA was pillared on the Rwandese force of the Rwigyema Baingana Bunyenyezi  and later the Poul Kagame James Kabarebe axis.

Note that Rwigyema was the Army Commander and later Minister of Defence.
Even when Rwigyema left, defence was given to Mbonye. ..

The transition debate then was, Uganda would be returned to Ugandans after the Uganda seizes the State of Rwanda for the Rwandese who wanted to return to Rwanda but as a military power.
The second condition was that the Rwandese who wanted to stay would be recognised as a tribe. We accepted that.

The third condition was that the land which they had looted during the Luwero war. ..After massive slaughter of the indegenous Baganda would be legitimised under cover of Bonafide Bibanja holders. ...That we accepted.

The fourth condition was that the NRA would need 10 years, that is, two terms without organised political competition. ...That we accepted and extended the NRA movement.

The fifth condition is that the Rwigyema Museveni NRA force which was indeed an occupation force would be legitimised into a National  Uganda Peoples Defence Force and with Mr Museveni having uncontrolled power over it. ..That rubbish we still accepted.

The sixth condition was that Museveni be given power to compulsorily acquire peoples land for private investment. ..That one we vehemently rejected.
As a people we thought we had given enough to the NRA occupation in return for our sovereignty. ..and therefore declared that power belonged to the people who would therefore exercise it in accordance with the constitution through leaders freely elected.

Museveni who opted to stay in Uganda and therefore did not follow Kagame to become Rwandese and or Brig Makenga to become Zairwa or Congolese, destroyed the 1995 Constituent Assembly consensus, and has since as an occupation force placed the NRA occupation state power in the hands of his family.

Odrek Rwabwogo is part of this family and is indeed the wicked NRA occupation. ..
This NRA occupation is a killer machine and  is systematically exterminating indegenous people to occupy their land.

At this rate, in less than 50 years, the indegenous Baganda will cease to exist. The Basoga are getting choked by the Sugar cane plantation and it's attendant chemicals. ...lake Victoria is heavily polluted and continues to be damaged through sand mining, swamp degradation and insane depletion of Uganda's forest cover. The Bakonjo lay in mass graves and there are other covert operations to size those people. Up  ..We are on fake drugs and feed on cancer generation food owing to the exposure of our agricultural output to fake acaricides etc.

All these I submit are deliberate to grab our land and heritage. It's a catastrophe. It's al - Nakba.
Ofcourse there is no way you would expect an accupied people to generate ideas for prosperity.
That is only done by free people. ..

Who doesn't know ekimansuro. ..ponography is evil.  The people of Uganda were morally up right.  Ponography is because the NRA occupation al - Nakba spiritually paralysed the population. We have proliferation of prostitution owing to the economic collapse. ..

The attack on the red pepper is therefore unjustified. ...
The NRA occupation al - Nakba the high moral ground to attack the red pepper. ..We have witnessed the proliferation of child sacrifice and other crude forms of human sacrifice under the NRA occupation al - Nakba. ...

Your family supplied fake drugs and Kakwemeire who helped Uganda seize those fake drugs lost his job instead. ....You supplied fake condoms the Engabo condom, you did RIF. .Reduction In Force of the NRA army by weeding out HIV soldiers whom you sent to trading centres in the villages equipped with Fake Engabo condoms. ...You gave students fake Engabo condoms. ...and therefore deliberately proliferated HIV. ...

You are worse than beasts of the field. .
You are grabbing public land for private gain. ...and like in the case of Park yard market, you destroyed properties of the most poor craving for survival. ...

You are greedy. ..
You are barbarians. ....
See how much death and destruction you unleashed on the peoples of South Sudan. .,,,
You sons of vipers as John the Baptist would call. ...How much of the world and earth can you eat. ..?

Why can't you be and let others be. ..
We cannot have another conversation with your Museveni family NRA occupation al - Nakba.
The only option is for men to stand up and fight the NRA occupation al Nakba and destroy that extended Museveni Rwabwogo family. ...and seize back the swag and regain sovereignty and legitimacy.

It's impossible to achieve this peacefully.
The other alternative is to surrender and we die as slaves that we indeed are and hand over our children and grandchildren to be subjects and objects of Museveni grandchildren who aspire to be demi gods.

I favour no compromise to evil and look forward to your obliteration and or taking you as prisoners to face justice for the al - Nakba unleashed in the Great Lakes  Region."

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