Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The long ride from Washington DC - #Ugandan in #USA

By Owomugisha Regina 
Going home on the bus.From Washington DC is never interesting as the journey coming into Downtown town.My upwards bus usually stops at a half way house.This place has people getting back on their feet or recovering from something.
Next to that very building there are magnolia trees and Bradford pear trees in full bloom. Almost all the times I pass there is this woman with an arm full of Colorful bangles and always smoking pieces of cigarettes she picks from the ground.And she always asks me for a cigarette. I might not be the brightest crayon in the pack but I know she gets free money from Uncle Sam.So why should I give her cigarettes or money having worked all day long for it?Not that she needs my opinion. Just the money ma'am.
Today she decided to get onto the bus with me and started asking everyone for a dollar.Come one lady,we are like 50 people on the bus and you need a dollar from each of us?We are all tired and thinking of going home to eat microwave left over from Sunday dinner and here she is asking for money for a hot meal. Connecticut Avenue has fast food stores and liqueur stores and pizza places.So she wants my dollar to go and spend it there.
My focus is on the beautiful trees that I a most miss Pretty Girl coming home from work.Man on Man is she dressed so good . Short skirt .Very short like she needs ventilation some place I dare not mention here.No point in giving you all the details. Well the woman from the half house asked her for a dollar and she scowled so bad that milk would go sour if there was a jug of it in front of her.One can't mess with Lady Pretty.
With her it's timing.You don't speak to her unless she invites you with her smile. What a joy to be pretty and young and dressy.But the halfway woman I a having none of her pretty ways and tells her one word I can't type here but suffice it to say it started with F and ended with .Oh I forgot the other letter.They got into it back and forth.Oh mother I need to change buses.Iam just to tired to listen to this drama.
Finally at Van Ness Pretty lady gets off and gives half woman a finger but after leaving the bus.
Now the woman is looking at us like we had part in it.Oh I almost missed my stop at Chevy Chase
Nite Alligators.

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